BOE strengthens its display division with CEC Panda LCD fabs

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We’ve reached a point where most the smartphone displays are bezel-less and offer high-resolution and smooth refresh rates. Now, the race is for ensuring the best possible quality on these displays. There are several companies in this industry pushing technologies for smartphones and other technologies, but BOE certainly worths an honorable mention here. The company is constantly pushing new technologies to make its displays attractive and not lose grip in this highly-competitive market. Now, BOE officially announced that it is acquiring CEC Panda’s Nanjing-based Gen 8.5 fab and Chengdu-based Gen 8.6+ fab. This move will further boost the company’s display business.

According to a report from TrendForce, BOE will acquire 80.8% of the Gen 8.5 fab and a 51 slice of the Gen 8.6 fab. Worth noting that the acquisition is already reaching its final stages. The company so far had 21.1% of the global large-sized panel capacity in the market. This will be further boosted with the recent acquisition. In the next year, BOE is expected to hold more than 25% of the world’s large-sized panel capacity, coming in at a 28% slice of the market.


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BOE now owns VA LCD and Oxide TFT technologies

The deal will probably raise BOE’s global leading position, however, it’s more than just that. The company will further improve its reputation and influence in the market. With Panda’s Fabs, the company will get access to Vertical Alignment LCD tech and Oxide TFT technology. This should boost the company’s business in LCD TV, Notebooks, and overall LCD Monitor market. The company will even collect some good fruits in the TV market.

BOE is currently one of the biggest investors in IPS Research and Development. Now, with the recent acquisition, the company will have access to more technologies that will greatly improve these technologies. According to some analysts, the deal will likely cause a ripple in the display supply chain during the next months. Moreover, if BOE decides to upgrade the acquired fabs in order to make them ready for the manufacture of curved VA and IPS panels, the company might get a good profit in the coming years.

BOE surely is one of the leading companies in the LCD IPS segment. Especially, now that some companies like Samsung are slowly dropping this kind of panels to invest in OLED, QLED technologies. We just hope that the new deal will bring more offers for the smartphone market as well, improving the quality of displays in the low-end and mid-range segment.


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