LG rollable smartphone may use a BOE display panel

According to a recent patent that appeared online a few weeks ago, LG is working on the world’s first rollable smartphone. Current rumors in the industry claim that LG Electronics’ first rollable display phone will use BOE panels. Also, there are reports that this device will launch in the first half of next year. The phone is similar to a foldable phone, but the screen can be rolled up and will be 8 inches in size when unfolded.

LG rollable display


LG Chief Administrative Officer, Kwon Bong-Seok, has previously announced that it will launch a scroll/retractable screen mobile phone in 2021, intending to become the world’s first mobile phone manufacturer to launch this type of OLED screen. LG has already started producing prototypes of this rolling model at its Pyeongtaek plant. Most commercial products require three to four trial productions, and each trial production can produce approximately one thousand to two thousand products.

What we know about the LG rollable phone

The power button of this device is on top of the display. Unfortunately, further details about the interface and connection options are missing. You can probably connect this device to the internet and other smart devices, such as a smartphone or TV.

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This device also comes with a light-transmitting glass window at the top with a sub-display. This small rectangular display can show similar content as the roll-up screen. On the front, there is a wide button for unlocking the rollable display.

The rectangular casing is quite thick so that users can hold it well to manually pull out the display. There are also two additional physical buttons with which you can control the roll-up and roll-out process. These buttons are just beside the sub-display. Furthermore, there are two control buttons on the front, these serve for the volume control. Furthermore, the roll-up display device from LG has a camera, which is at the bottom and can capture both photos and videos.


Furthermore, the LG rollable display comes with a stylus pen. You can store this on the side of the device. Judging from the images, the total width of the display device is about one centimeter larger than the stylus pen itself. So it seems to be a very compact device that you can easily carry with you.

In addition, the user can determine how far the screen is pulled out. An invisible zigzag pattern with a magnetic field is applied to the roll-up display. In combination with a hall sensor, you can detect how far the has been rolled out. If you partially pull out the display, only the visible part will be active. Also, the aspect ratio will automatically adjust to the size of the unrolled screen.


LG also seems to want to use a new type of battery, a semi-cylindrical battery that is in the inner frame. The flat part of the battery contacts the flat part of the inner frame. The PCB is placed directly next to it.

The housing is removable, similar to a PC housing. This makes it easier to replace and / or repair a part. Also, in case of damage to the case, you can decide to replace only the case, instead of the entire display device – which will of course save on costs.

LG Electronics has really thought of everything with this patent. From the assembly process to the operating options and even the repair options – everything is extensively documented.

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