Apple users should get ready to spend more – the company has a plan

The name Apple can be loosely used to mean “luxury”. Well, the term “luxury” has a very wide definition depending on who is spending the money. For an average tech lover, Apple’s stuff is expensive. Whether it is its hardware or software, you need to have a fairly deep pocket. However, in recent times, Apple has been careful with its pricing. However, it appears that this will not last for long. Apple recently announced that due to changes in exchange rates and tax rates, the prices of apps in the App Store in many countries around the world will increase.

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While this is a logical reason for prices to increase, many users will not see it that way. The pricing of apps and in-app purchases in Brazil, Colombia, India, Indonesia, Russia, and South Africa will be increased in the coming days. For this reason, we say that Apple users should be ready to spend more.

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Apple said that these new prices are affected by India’s new 2% equalization tax and Indonesia’s new 10% value-added tax on developers outside Indonesia. In Iceland and Albania, the pricing of apps and in-app purchases will also increase. This is necessary to make the prices consistent with the pricing of VAT sold in US dollars in other markets. The updated pricing table can be viewed on Apple’s website.

Apple reveals the set-backs of the MagSafe wireless charging

In other reports, the new iPhone 12 series supports a 15W MagSafe wireless charger. However, all is not well with this charger, there are some issues you should know. Apple posted instructions on its official website explaining how to properly use the new MagSafe wireless charging system on the iPhone 12. At the same time, the company also spoke about the technical flaws that users will inevitably face. For example, it can damage magnetic stripes and RFID chips on bank, travel, and access cards; as well as key fobs for intercoms and other similar devices. For this reason, Apple insists on their removal while charging. In addition, metal or just thick cases, like the branded leather wallet case (which is just intended for cards), Apple requires to be removed.

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Another drawback of using MagSafe charging, which Apple modestly writes about in small letters at the bottom of the article, is the circular prints that will begin to appear on the surface of the leather cases. It is also possible that noticeable heating appears, due to which the device can interrupt charging at around 80%; which will continue only after the smartphone has cooled down. Finally, the manufacturer notes that to speed up the charging process by simultaneously connecting the wire and MagSafe will not work.

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  1. Cyril Dieudonne
    October 28, 2020

    the giant mergin and profits made by Apple can totally absorb this exchange rate issue. This company is insulting, and arrogant. Prices will increase in countries where the average salary is rather modest. It's ridiculous.