Facebook And Apple Still Have Problems In Field Of Cloud Gaming

Facebook has recently launched its first batch of ‘cloud-streamed’ video games. But these cloud games have not been released to Apple.

Currently, Facebook has only launched 5 such games. These games can be accessed through the Facebook App and Facebook Gaming App on Android and the Facebook website on PC. However, Facebook does not provide these games on Apple’s iOS mobile operating system. The company claims that it ‘is not clear whether it is feasible to publish these games on Apple’s app store’.

Earlier this year, the two US technology giants, Facebook and Apple, clashed in the gaming sector. At that time, Facebook wanted to provide users with more ‘mini games’ through its iOS version of the game application. However, it was blocked by Apple on the grounds that it violated the rules of its app store.

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Regarding the cloud games launched by Facebook, Apple also clarified that it can provide cloud games through the Safari browser on Apple’s smartphones. However, Facebook said that this approach has limitations, and made it clear that it is dissatisfied with the current developments.

Facebook Cloud Gaming Platform

Some people in the industry suggested to Facebook that this problem should be resolved before launching more cloud gaming services, because ‘iOS platform has the highest consumption level of mobile gaming users. Cloud gaming providers should not miss these users.’

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For a long time, Facebook has provided games through its platform. The most famous of them include ‘Farmville’, ‘Candy Crush Saga’ and ‘Clash of Clans’. But so far, these games are based on Flash or HMTL5 technology and run locally on the user’s device.

In contrast, the newly launched cloud-based games run on Facebook’s servers and then stream the game graphics to players, who can remotely control the game. Facebook said that cloud gaming can provide players with a more high-end gaming experience.

But currently, this cloud game product line is limited to five free games: ‘Asphalt 9’, ‘Endless Showdown: Adventure; PGA Tour’, ‘Card Game: King Arthur’s Legend, and ‘WWE Superstar Card’. Facebook currently restricts its cloud gaming to these free games, possibly to avoid criticism from competitors. But the company also plans to gradually transform other more popular games into cloud game products in the future.

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Facebook believes that by focusing on games designed for smartphones rather than game consoles or PCs, users do not need to purchase additional game controllers or other special hardware at this stage. One consequence of this is that some early cloud gamers did not even realize that they were using cloud game services.

A Facebook spokesperson said that the company intends to extend the cloud gaming service to the UK and other countries, but declined to disclose a specific date.

The Bottom Line

In terms of the current game landscape, it makes sense for Facebook to enter the cloud gaming field. Many industry observers believe that game streaming is the future development trend of the game field. But for now, game streaming is not a technology that can be used in prime time. We mean the technology is often plagued by connectivity or performance issues, which often frustrate players.

Therefore, Facebook currently only pays attention to smartphone streaming games, because such mobile games are not limited by performance issues.

Finally, whether Facebook with social media tags can be regarded as a serious gaming platform is a big question mark. However, with Amazon, Microsoft, and Google and other big companies all betting on cloud games, Facebook must also want to attract the attention of gamers.

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