MIUI 12 is testing a new “tile-style” multitasking background

Xiaomi is one of the very few Chinese OEMs that pay much attention to regular updates. In fact, one of Xiaomi’s selling points is its regular release of updates. More interesting is the fact that it consistently upgrades and adds new features to its system.  According to recent reports, Xiaomi’s latest Android skin, MIUI 12, is testing a new feature. It is currently testing a new tile and card – style multitasking desktop background.


In recent times, the multitasking background is a vertical or horizontal pattern. According to a Xiaomi official, this is a tile and card version, and the update also optimizes the animation effect. After the testing, the company will probably release this feature as a minor update. 

Presently, a good number of Xiaomi users already have the MIUI 12 update. At present, many mid-range models from Xiaomi are already on the Android 10 system. Xiaomi MIUI 12 (Android 10) rollout plan is in four phases. The first phase is for flagship devices, the second for mid-range while the third and fourth phases are for mid-range and entry-level smartphones. As of now, Xiaomi is almost done with the second phase and the third phase is about to commence.

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MIUI 12 is safe and secure

For security and privacy, this new system has also done a lot of leading industry work over the past 10 years. MIUI 12 responds to the increasing serious information leak therefore, it obtained multiple authoritative privacy certifications. This system comes with new features such as flares and interceptors. The former can seamlessly record application behaviors and report all sensitive/suspicious behaviors to users. Furthermore, when an app requires permission for the camera, recording, and GPS, the system will give an obvious prompt, click the prompt to control the request.

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The interceptors further regulate APP permissions, completely prohibits the use of cameras and background wake-ups in the background. When the application obtains permission, you can choose to allow it only during use or at a specific time. Also, MIUI 12 is the world’s first mobile operating system that passed TÜV Rheinland’s “Android System Enhanced Privacy Protection Test” to fully protect user data security.

In terms of multitasking, MIUI 12 supports a global free window. This adapts to multiple usage scenarios. For instance, if you enter a news section, you can gently slide down to expand into a small window mode, and slide up to exit. If you only need to check an app status, drag to the corner of the screen to hang and preview the status page. The MIUI global free window may be the world’s best mobile multitasking solution.

This system takes AI application to a new level

For AI, MIUI 12’s AI phone assistant is officially updated for AI calls. Users can customize the active language, switch between automatic answering or manual reply, and can also automatically answer the call without touching the phone. At the same time, you can set the AI to make a call at a specific time.

In terms of health, MIUI also brings brand-new functions that rely on a series of new algorithms and motion sensors. With your phone in your pocket, you can automatically record a full day of walking, running, cycling, and climbing stairs. More importantly, power consumption is less than 1% throughout the day!

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  1. Amstelveen
    October 27, 2020

    Too bad AI works in Chinese only

  2. Renan Isola
    October 27, 2020

    I don't know if you guys knows this or are new to Xiaomi phones. But MIUI 8 and 9 were like that already. Sorry to break your leak.