Google Play will soon get a handy feature to compare apps

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Google developers work tirelessly to improve the interface of some applications. Recently, the YouTube app has received a new design, and now it’s the turn of the Google Play app store.

AndroidPolice announced the appearance of a new useful function that allows you to quickly compare similar applications with each other. The Application Comparison section is at the bottom of the page and is currently limited to comparing media players.

The comparison is based on several basic parameters such as “ability to work offline”, “visual quality” and “ease of use”. At the moment, the function works only in the store version 22.4.28, but it will probably soon become available to most users.

Google Play Store: Android 12 will make it easier to install alternative app stores

In recent times, there have been a lot of brouhahas over the policies of App Stores. Initially, most of the complaints were about the Apple App Store. However, Google Play Store also has similar issues. In a bid to solve some of these issues, Google is creating alternatives for users/developers. In a blog post, Google announced that it will be easier to install alternative application stores on the Android 12 system. The company pointed out that most Android phones are pre-installed with at least two application stores. These stores can use their own business model.

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Google Play Store

However, Google insists that apps distributed through its Google Play Store must abide by its billing system. This means that for in-app purchases of digital goods, there is a 30% “service fee”. According to Google, apps that feel that the charge is too expensive can use the other app stores at any time.

In addition, Google said that all developers have until September 30, 2021, to resolve all pending issues. Otherwise, Google will kick them out of the store. Google said that entrepreneurial companies can use this grace period to sell online services without Google Play billing “service fee”.

Although Google’s workaround on the issue seems good, it will still face some resistance. According to reports, Google’s policy still prohibits developers from letting users know that Google charges a “service fee” tax in apps. However, developers are free to let buyers know through email promotions or their website.

In many aspects, Google’s policy is similar to Apple’s. However, the key difference is that the former allows developers to distribute applications directly to buyers. This ultimately makes a huge difference.

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