Realme announces the start of its operations in Brazil, Realme 7 Pro coming in December


During the past few weeks, rumors were spreading about Realme’s great arrival in Latin America. The rumors stated that the company has chosen Brazil to start its campaign in the region. Today, those rumors come to an end, after Realme has officially confirmed its plans of arriving in the country. On Monday, November 9, Realme announced the start of its operations in Brazil. The company promises to bring a set of competitive smartphones to the country. Moreover, it will also bet in the AIoT range and 5G solutions. Worth noting, that Brazil is yet to deploy its 5G networks, so Realme wants to become a pioneer of the segment.

Apparently, Realme has chosen the Realme 7 Pro as the first smartphone to land in Brazil. The handset recently passed through Anatel certification (Brazillian’s Regulatory Agency). The smartphone is a direct competitor for the Redmi Note 9 Pro, which is also available in Brazil. It brings a set of competitive specs such as the Snapdragon 720G, a super AMOLED display with a 6.4-inch diagonal, and a Triple-Camera setup comprising a 64MP main shooter. The device also brings a 4,500mAh battery with 65W fast-charging technology. It’s the only device under the “mid-range” category that has this astonishing fast-charging standard. In fact, it’s faster to charge than several smartphones in the market.

Apart from the 7 Pro, the company will bet in a set of other handsets from distinct lineups to conquer the smartphone segment in Brazil. According to Sky Li, Realme’s CEO and Founder, the company is reaching to Brazil to become one of the market’s key players.

Brazil will be our stronghold for Latin American operation

“We’ll have Brazil as a strategic field and the opening door for the Latin American market. We arrive in the country with a long-term strategy that will make us one of the leading smartphone makers in the country. Our brand will offer products with excellent performance, quality, design, and, of course, price”.

We are very curious to see how attractive the prices will be in the Brazil market. The country is well known for having some of the highest fees for smartphones. Xiaomi already has a solid user base in the country and is considered an official company in the market. However, its smartphones are licensed and sold by a local player known as DL. The devices are imported and their prices are much higher than in other countries. For instance, a Poco X3 NFC with 128GB of Storage arrived officially in Brazil with a $612 price tag. With that amount, a customer could easily buy a premium smartphone in Global markets.

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If Realme adopts a similar strategy, its smartphones may not be as cheaper as they are on global markets. However, the devices may be cheaper for what Brazillian customers are used to paying. The Brazillian market is currently dominated by Samsung and Motorola’s mid-range phones. However, as aforementioned, Xiaomi also has a solid presence in the market thanks to official and unofficial channels. We are sure that there’s enough room for Realme competitive smartphones.

The first devices launched in Brazil will focus on 4G LTE, but 5G products will also come

According to the company, the first devices will reach the country with 4G connectivity. However, the company wants to expand its portfolio in Brazil with 5G offers pretty soon. The company wants to introduce devices from Realme X and V series in the next two or three years.

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The company also wants to bring AIoT devices to Brazil. This range covers interesting devices like AI smart speakers, smartwatches, and TWS earbuds.

Realme will officially deploy its first smartphone in December. It will be the Realme 7 Pro, but we would not discard another budget smartphone like the Realme C11.

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