DxOMark: Google Pixel 4a performed admirably for a single-camera device

Pixel 4a 5G

DxOMark specialists tested the main camera of the Google Pixel 4a smartphone and came to the conclusion that one sensor smartphone in the field of multi-module smartphones is a warrior. As noted by experts, the Pixel 4a produces “comparable or even slightly better results compared to the more expensive Pixel 4 in many tests”. The 12-megapixel sensor takes pictures and shoots video quite well, and the final score was largely influenced by the banal absence of other modules, for example, an ultra-wide-angle one.

The advantages of the Pixel 4a camera include quite accurate exposure both when shooting photos and when shooting videos, fast and accurate autofocus, neutral white balance in photos, bright colors in video both indoors and outdoors, good white balance in night shots.

Cons – limited dynamic range and low detail when shooting photos and videos, failures in the autofocus system when photographing at a zoom, limited depth of field in group portrait photos on the street, errors in determining the depth of the scene for the bokeh effect.

In general, the Pixel 4a’s camera is far from perfect, but for a single sensor it performed very well, beating many multi-camera (and flagship!) models of the recent past.

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  • Mainly accurate exposure (Photo & Video)
  • Fast and accurate autofocus (Photo & Video)
  • Neutral and repeatable white balance in photos
  • Vivid color in indoor and outdoor videos
  • Well-managed noise in outdoor videos
  • Preview exposure similar to capture
  • Pleasant white balance in night shots


  • Limited dynamic range (Photo & Video)
  • Orange color cast under tungsten low-light conditions (Photo & Video)
  • Low detail in most conditions (Photo & Video)
  • Limited depth of field in outdoor group portrait photos
  • Autofocus failures in long-range zoom photos
  • Depth estimation errors in bokeh photos
  • Frame shifts and deformations visible in most videos

The Google Pixel 4a performs admirably for a single-camera device; with comparable or even slightly better results compared to the more expensive Pixel 4 in many areas. Performance across most core photography attributes are very acceptable; it excels for color and autofocus; and shoots fairly nice video. The Pixel 4a’s image quality for bokeh, zoom, and night shots trails our top-ranked devices; however, and with no ultra-wide shooting on this device, the lower results in these areas impacted its overall score. If it’s good-quality stills and video from an affordable mid-range device without all the bells and whistles of a multi-camera flagship you’re after; however, you won’t go far wrong with the Google Pixel 4a.

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