Apple reportedly began Foldable iPhone development, coming in 2022


The concept of foldable smartphones seems to be the “next big thing” for the smartphone industry. So far, most companies are struggling to enter this segment and only Samsung seems to have complete domain over the technology and its appliances. While Motorola already has two foldable devices, users can’t take it seriously due to the mid-range specifications and high price tag. We expect to see more companies giving their first steps in the segment next year, among them Apple.

The Cupertino-based firm is known for directing technology trends. In 2017 it brought the notch and all companies followed. Last year, it introduced a Square-ish camera module and all companies followed. Now, we may see companies following its controversial decision of dropping the charging brick. While some are making fun of this, we know that it’s just a matter of time until more companies leave the charging brick behind. Well, while Apple seems to dictate the direction of technology, it failed to be one of the leading companies in the foldable segment. But we can’t take conclusions just yet, the company can take a long time to launch a foldable device, but if it does everything right, then it can easily become one of the leading firms in this niche.

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Apple finally began the development of its foldable iPhone

According to a new report from Economic Daily, Apple is being sent samples of folding phones from its Chinese suppliers including Foxconn and New Nikko. For now, the giant seems to be evaluating whether to use OLED or microLED displays for a folding device. The decision may affect the folding device’s manufacturing processes as microLED is a new emerging display technology. It’s not established yet but will offer some advancements like extra brightness, saturation at a low power cost.

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Furthermore, the report states that Apple is entering the testing phase of devices featuring folding screens. Samsung is reportedly the supplier of the display tech. The supply chain states that the hinges used on Apple’s folding iPhone or iPad will mostly come from New Nikko. Foxconn will have the responsibility of assembling this complex device. For Nikko, developing hinges is something familiar. After all, it worked with Apple to produce hinges for MacBooks.

If you’re dying for a foldable iPhone or iPad, don’t hold your breath just yet. Apparently, while the device will finally become a reality by the next year, Apple is aiming at a 2022 launch. More precisely, on September 22. Of course, everything can change in a matter of time, for the better or for the worse. After all, some courageous reports were pointing to a foldable iPhone release for late this year. This obviously will not happen.

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