Apple will pay a large sum in the iPhone slowdown lawsuit


About three years ago, Apple was accused of intentionally slowing down smartphones by software. IPhone owners noted that after the OS update, the performance of the devices deteriorated. The American company said that in such an unusual way, it extends the battery life. But by the end of 2017, it admitted its guilt and apologized. At the beginning of this year, the company had to agree to payments of up to $500 million; but the story did not end there.

Apple will pay a large sum in the iPhone slowdown lawsuit

Engadget, citing the Washington Post, reports that Apple may have to pay another $113 million. This time, the company plans to reach an amicable settlement in the case with the authorities of the District of Columbia and 34 states so as not to bring the case to court. The reason is the same – the slowdown of smartphones.

In addition to the fine, Apple will have to explain to consumers exactly how it monitors battery health and manages power. Those clarifications should not only be published on the Web, but also displayed on the smartphones themselves.

Apple iPhone 12

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iPhone 12 series issues

Apple’s problems don’t end there. As it became known, different versions of the iPhone 12 are not all right with the screens. This was reported by the owners of the new smartphones, and then the company itself acknowledged the problem.

User posts are backed up by photographs. As you can see, at a low brightness level, a greenish or gray shading appears on the display.

At the moment, the company is trying to find a way out of the situation and determine the cause of the screen color change. Apple representatives have already turned to service centers with a request not to accept smartphones with this malfunction for repair. It is assumed that the problem can be fixed by software updates, which the company will try to do with the next iOS update.

According to DxOMark assessment, the biggest issue with the iPhone 12 display is the yellow color cast. DxOMark noted that the yellow cast continues to appear under each lighting condition.

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According to a report by the South Korean media “Asian Economy”, Apple officials recently stated that it is aware of “a few reported cases which are currently under investigation”. We hope that the company resolves the iPhone 12 screen issues as soon as possible.

In addition, some users said that the iPhone 12 mini’s lock screen sensitivity has problems. When they use their thumbs to slide up from the bottom of the locked screen to unlock the device, or when they press the flashlight or camera button on the locked screen, the screen fails to respond in some cases.

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