Do You Know Which Is The Most Used Password In 2020?

most used passwords

According to the database analysis of the password management company NordPass, people are still using the most basic network passwords, which are easy to crack.

After reviewing nearly 275.7 million passwords, NordPass released a list of the 200 most commonly used passwords for online accounts in 2020. The one ranking first is ‘123456’, which is used by 2.5 million people. Last year, this password ranked second. NordPass stated that the password has been cracked more than 23.5 million times.

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Data shows that many people stubbornly insist on using weak passwords, even though these passwords are the least secure. For example, the shorter password ‘12345’ ranked first last year. But more than 188,000 users still considered it acceptable, ranking eighth in this year’s list. Both passwords can be cracked in less than a second.

How Long Does It Take To Crack The Password?

Intelligence agencies warn that hacking attacks against governments are becoming more sophisticated.

NordPass stated that less than half (78%) of the passwords on the 2020 list are new.

Research shows that because of convenience, people use simple and easy-to-remember passwords, as well as swear words, numbers, names, and food.

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In the top 10, ‘111111’ is also the most commonly used password, rising from last year’s 17th to sixth, and the number ‘123123’ rising from 18th to seventh.

In terms of text, the new password ‘picture1’ joined the rank of commonly used passwords, and finally ranked third. The fourth place is ‘password’. The password ‘senha’ ranked 10th. It is a new password on the list, which means password in Portuguese.

The password ‘1234567’ is closely followed by the popular ‘qwerty’, which ranks 12th.

The top ten passwords can be cracked in 10 seconds or less, while ‘picture1’ can be cracked in 3 hours.

Here are the top 50 passwords:

most used passwords

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