Google RCS announced globally – Android version of iMessage

According to a recent report, RCS, which has a richer function will now replace SMS globally. Google’s announcement shows that this feature is now available worldwide via Google Messages application. Google RCS messaging aims to provide all Android users with rich messages similar to Apple’s iMessage without using applications such as WhatsApp or Messenger.

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In the past few years, Google has been cooperating with equipment manufacturers in the mobile industry. It also collaborates with some carrier networks in certain countries and regions to provide chat functions based on the open Rich Communication Service (RCS) standard in Messages.

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This chat function upgrades the regular SMS messages. Now you can send and receive better quality photos and videos, chat via Wi-Fi or data. You can also know when the recipient reads your message and share the response. Simply put, RCS offers a more dynamic and attractive group chat.

According to Google, it has done an extensive global promotion of the RCS chat function. It wants this modern messaging platform to be popular and for everyone on the Android ecosystem. Now, any user around the world who uses Messages can get modern chat features from their carrier or directly from Google.

RCS will be more secure than SMS. It uses end-to-end encryption to ensure that no users, including Google and third parties, can read the content of your message. Although there is a global release of this feature, it is not the final version. Google wants worldwide testing of this messaging platform for users’ feedback. The testing of this feature will continue until next year. 

Currently, the end-to-end encryption function is only available when both you and the person you want to send messages have installed Google Messages and enabled the chat functionTo access the latest features, please update your Messages app to the latest version. Alternatively, you can download the app and turn on the chat function.

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Obviously, it is going to take some time for RCS to completely replace the traditional SMS. In fact, as long as SMS still exists, it will be very difficult for RCS to completely replace SMS. However, Google seems to be ready to push further for this messaging platform to gain more popularity.

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