Honor Will Bring Many IoT Devices In The Future

Honor IoT products

According to a Weibo blogger, today, at the Honor 7th Anniversary Fan Roundtable, Honor CEO Zhao Ming stated that Honor will continue to bring consumers more high-quality products. In the future will, it will launch full-scenario IoT products such as laptops, tablets, routers, smart screens, headsets, etc.

At the same time, Honor will pay more attention to the actual experience of consumers in the future, and gain everyone’s recognition through the market and IoT products. Honor has the confidence and strength to make consumers more recognize the brand.

Honor Band 6

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Today, Zhao Ming also published an open letter on Weibo, expressing his gratitude to users and partners for their continued care and support to Honor on this special day. ‘Thank you for your support and company in the past seven years. Your love is our greatest glory. Today is the first stop of the new journey. We will chat, discuss and collide with our fans, looking forward to the next seven years. One month later, we will also gather at the annual fan meeting with you who are carrying stories and talking about the future together.’

Zhao Ming said that in the future, they will continue to create products with stunning designs, outstanding performance and extraordinary experiences for consumers.

Why Did Honor Separate From Huawei?

On November 17 this year, Huawei announced that it would sell the assets of the Honor business as a whole. The purchaser was Shenzhen Zhixin New Information Technology Co., Ltd. As for the management, after the delivery, Huawei does not own any shares, nor does it participate in management and decision-making.

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For those who are aware what’s happening on the market, should know that Huawei can’t use any American hardware or software products. That’s why (especially) its smartphone market is under danger. But running a dual-brand strategy has many reasons. And Huawei has decided to ‘use’ one of them. We mean, after the sanctions, it decided to sell the Honor brand and let the latter perform independently. In this way, Huawei still can continue staying afloat in the smartphone market.

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