Honor Brand Has Set A Sales Target For 2021 – 100 Million Units

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Honor smartphones have been completely separated from Huawei. President Zhao Ming has stated that they will become the number one smartphone brand in China. According to the latest news, their sales target in 2021 is 100 million units.

As the sources point out, Honor Terminal plans to ship more than 100 million units in 2021. But they did not report more details for this sales target. Plus, there is no certainty whether we are talking about the sales in China or worldwide.

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Prior to this, Honor CEO Zhao Ming clearly stated at an employee communication meeting in Beijing that Honor’s goal is to become the number one in the domestic smartphone market. When looking at the market data, we see that in 2019, Huawei (including Honor) was the first with 140.6 million units shipped. The second place was occupied by VIVO, which shipped 66.5 million units. OPPO sold 62.8 million units, and Xiaomi shipped 40 million units. Apple, which is the only foreign company in the top five, shipped only 32.8 million units. So we guess 100 million units is a target for the Chinese market.

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On the day, when Honor separated from Huawei, the latter announced Huawei no longer hold any shares in the new company. Plus, Huawei won’t participate in management and decision-making processes.

After Honor left Huawei, Ren Zhengfei also issued an internal letter, saying they hope that Honor will not be disconnected from Huawei in the future. Honor can become stronger and stronger, and it can become Huawei’s competitor in the future, even surpass and defeat Huawei.

Honor May Use Both Qualcomm And MediaTek Chips

Honor has also made progress in the most critical chip supply. A source close to Qualcomm said that the progress of negotiations between Qualcomm and Honor is very optimistic. The two sides are close to reaching a supply cooperation.

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In addition, the supply agreement between MediaTek and Honor is nearing completion. According to Digitimes, MediaTek has planned to supply 5G chips to Honor next year. If Honor manages to cooperate with every chip maker, the problem related to the chips will be fully resolved.

However, the source did not name which 5G chips are involved. But we guess it will include low, medium and high chips. After all, MediaTek now has a relatively neat 5G SoC lineup.

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