Apple Glass will have lenses that change color depending on lighting

We have known and talked about smart glasses from Apple for a very long time – Apple Glass. Despite the long period of preparation of the company for the release of the long-awaited product, there are still many chances of its release, and this is confirmed by the constantly appearing patents.

Recently, a new patent has surfaced on the web showing that the lenses the company will fit into its first smart glasses will be able to adapt to ambient light.

The Cupertino tech giant recently filed a new patent application with the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office). The patent is titled “Localized Optical Adjustment Display System”, which suggests the unusual functions of smart glasses.

The patent itself talks about the ability of lenses to change their color depending on the amount of incoming light. Simply put, the lenses will automatically adjust their color and density based on the ambient light in real-time for a more comfortable use.

This way, Apple Glass will be able to adjust the lenses to suit bright light or dusk usage. Apple patent states that the lenses can automatically adapt to different users and different situations. In fact, the glasses themselves will be able to darken some areas of the lenses – and exactly those places of the lens will be selected where your gaze is directed.

Unfortunately, despite the emergence of new patents, the release date of Apple’s smart glasses is still a mystery.

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Apple Car to come in 2021, two years ahead of the original schedule

Smartphone and technology companies are investing high in other technology segments to reduce their reliance in smartphones. This is a movement that gained strength in 2020, but there are plenty of firms that have been investing in unusual ranges for quite some. Apple is one of the most relevant technology companies. The company is well known for its Mac, iPhone, and iPad division, but the company has a presence in multiple segments. For years, it’s a known fact that Apple has been investing in the automobile segment to produce the so-called Apple Car. Everything has been based in rumors so far, but now, it seems that the Cupertino-based firm is really close to releasing its first automobile.

According to a new report, the company’s long-rumored electric vehicle could possibly launch in the third quarter of 2021. That is at least two years ahead of its schedule. After all, previous rumors were suggesting a launch by the end of 2023. According to a report from EconomicDailyNews, Apple might be launching its first automobile next year. The report claims that manufacturers and suppliers of the company in Taiwan are preparing to ramp up production of “Apple Car” components as early as the second quarter of next year. Apparently, the company has already begun testing the prototypes o the road in California, US.

Renderização Carro Apple | Energia Solar Fotovoltaica Tecnologias Limpas | Soliens

Back in 2017, the company got its permit from California’s DMV to test its self-driving cars. This was first spotted on SUV from another brand that was equipped with its LiDAR technology. Various reports were suggesting the Apple Car for around 2023 and 2025. The latest report comes to affirm that the new automobile is closer than we’ve expected. The Taiwanese agency cited an unnamed director from a major Taiwanese manufacturer as its source.

Apple Car may arrive in September 2021

According to the director, Apple is targeting a September 2021 launch. Well, iPhones usually come in September. This only changed this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the uncountable challenges imposed by it. If the Apple Car is really in September next year; then we’ll have one of the most exciting months for lovers of Apple technology.

Of course, the COVID-19 pandemic is far from over. So the same challenges faced this year, can come in the next year. So, we may digest this report with a pinch or two of salt. The Apple Car may come with impressive technology, but we can’t hold our breath for it just yet.

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