Sony releases new PS5 controller driver – supports Linux system

According to recent reports, Sony released a new “hid-PlayStation” Linux kernel driver that supports the PlayStation 5 DualSense controller. This driver also supports other PlayStation hardware on Linux. Furthermore, the new Linux kernel driver supports the DualSense controller in both USB and Bluetooth modes. It also supports motion sensors, LED lights, touchpads, light bars, vibration, etc.

ps5 dualsense

When announcing the new driver, Sony plans to transfer part of the Sony Interactive Entertainment hardware support from the existing “hid-sony” to the “hid-PlayStation” driver. The initial form of this driver has more than 1,400 lines of code to meet the needs of the PS5 controller.

The Sony PlayStation 5 uses a custom AMD 8 core 3.5GHz Zen 2 CPU, a custom RDNA 2 GPU containing 36 sets of CU units, a floating-point computing capability of 10.28 TFLOPs, a 16GB GDDR6 memory, a custom 825GB SSD, and a 4K UHD Blu-ray drive. SSD is the key to PS5 performance improvement. The seek time of PS4 takes 2-50 seconds, while PS5 is almost instant. In terms of loading speed, PS5 can load 2GB of memory in 0.27 seconds, while PS4 takes 20 seconds to load 1GB. Sony believes that the new SSD will significantly speed up the PS5 game loading speed. According to the company, games can launch within a second with almost no loading time.

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Luxury customized Sony PS5 now available for £7,999 ($10,851)

If you are a gamer and you love luxury, then there is something on the market that you will love. Recall that Sony recently released the Sony PS5 which has been largely unavailable in many markets. Well, there is now a luxury version that should be readily available for purchase. A third-party British manufacturer, TrulyExquisite, launched a series of luxury customized Sony PS5 products. The Sony PS5 has the gold-plated (24K gold & 18K rose gold) versions as well as the platinum version. Furthermore, custom accessories like a gold DualSense controller as well as a gold PS5 headset are also available. We have heard of their availability, let’s now look at the prices.

Price list of the luxury customized Sony PS5 & accessories

Digital PS5:

  • 24K gold plated version – £7,999 ($10,851)
  • 18K rose gold plated version – £8,099 ($10,992)
  • Platinum version – £8199 ($11,128)
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CD-ROM version PS5:

  • 24K gold plated version – £8,099 ($10,992)
  • 18K rose gold plated version – £8199 ($11,128)
  • Platinum version – £8299 ($11,263)


  • Gold DualSense controller –  £699 ($949)
  • Gold PS5 headset – £479 ($650)

TrulyExquisite said that this customized PS5 and its accessories will be limited edition products. Each product will only have 250 pieces and provide free worldwide shipping and warranty services. Each product is limited to a maximum of 100 purchases. Apart from the luxury materials used for the body of these devices, every other thing remains the same with the regular versions.

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