Fresh power for the new year with discounted BLUETTI power stations


Most of the big brands are trying to kick off the new year with some sweet promo sales for their star products. And the top tier off-grid power station manufacturer BLUETTI is no exception to this rule. For the start of 2021 they are offering their best lineup offer with massive discounts, reaching up to to $650. These great sales will start on January 20th, but we can already take a look at the most interesting pieces in their inventory. So you can have a clearer idea what to get right away.

BLUETTI AC30 portable power station

Let’s start with the most portable piece from the whole pack. BLUETTI AC30 is a solar power station with 96000 mAh 300Wh battery capacity and quite small 9.9*7.1*6.9-inch dimensions and 10.4lbs of weight. It’s small, but it packs quite a punch with 300W rated power (surge 800W) and LiFePO4 battery cell capable of 3500+ charge cycles before the battery degrades to 80%. And in the big New Year sale, they are knocking $60 off this handy power station !

BLUETTI AC50S portable power station

This is a slightly bigger one with 11.6*7.5* 7.7-inch size and 13.6lbs of weight, but still easy enough for even your kid to carry it. Perfect for your camping or fishing trips with 500Wh with 300W pure sine wave AC inverter, available 10 outlets, regulated 12V DC output and wireless charging pad. Built-in MPPT also increases the solar charging speed to another level.

BLUETTI EB240 portable power station

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Time to step up the game ? Well then it’s the perfect time to introduce the world’s most powerful portable station. This BLUETTI Energy Monster can offer 2400Wh capacity, which means almost all of your devices could run smoothly without a wall socket, power your laptop for a whole day and even a household refrigerator for one or two days. Big 1000W continuous output power meets all your needs and it’s really a perfect backup or off-grid power source for you and your family.

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BLUETTI AC200P portable power station

The new generation of backup power station has arrived with BLUETTI AC200P. 2000W pure sine wave AC inverter, packs up to 15 outlets and 2 wireless charging pads, 12V 25A DC output and much more. $6.7 million has been raised on the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform since July for it after all. Upgraded to 2000Wh from the previous 1700Wh from the predecessor, the new AC200P is equipped with LiFePO4 battery cell, which allows the whole power station to run over 3500+ cycles, before the total capacity degrades to 80%.

BLUETTI EB150 portable power station

With this one the makers are mixing the relatively lightweight design with a massive capacity. So the customer is getting 1500Wh capacity with 1000W rated power, plenty of ports and charging versatility with solar panels. This is one of the most popular models in the market for a reason. So which one will be your choice for the upcoming big sale ? You can check out out all the details on the official website to make sure.

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