40% of the World’s Websites are Currently Driven by WordPress


According to the latest statistics from W3Techs, 40% of the world’s websites are currently using WordPress, with the number reaching 40 million. Thus, WordPress is currently the world’s most popular website building system (CMS), providing a large number of website templates. Users can use the tools and servers of the platform to create free websites, or use templates to apply to their own sites.

Although WordPress has a lot of imitators, the ecology of the platform is already very large, occupying an absolute dominant position. Up to now, there is a total of 58,000 plugins and 8,000 templates on this platform. At the same time, many individuals and organizations rely on selling self-designed website templates on WordPress to gain revenue. But at present, WordPress’s own engine is still the most used and well-known.

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WordPress Is An Absolute Leader In Blog Sites And News Sites

W3Techs collected data on the world’s top 10 million sites from Alexa, as well as a list of the top one million sites from Tranco, to get statistical data. The results show that WordPress-driven sites have increased from 10 million in 2011 to 40 million today, and the platform accounts for 64.3% of the CMS market. 92.2% of blog sites worldwide use WordPress, followed by news, with a ratio of 87.1%.


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Matthias Gelbmann, CEO of W3Techs parent company Q-Success, explained the reasons behind this methodology:

The reason why we don’t count all the websites, is because there are so many domains that are unused or used for dubious purposes. We want to exclude the many millions of parked domains, spam sites and sites that simply have no real content. We are sure that including all trash domains would make our statistics a lot less useful, as millions of them just run some software stack that auto-generates useless content.

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