Google Developing Technology to Stop Chrome from Consuming System Resources

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As the largest browser in the market, Chrome is the most criticized because it consumes system resources. However, Google is developing a technology that can reduce Chrome’s consumption of operating system resources. It’s called PartitionAlloc.

How Does PartitionAlloc Work?

According to the Chromium project website, PartitionAlloc is a memory allocator, which can allocate enough bucket size for objects in the memory partition. The most important purpose of PartitionAlloc is security. It should isolate different partitions from each other in the URL space. This will prevent malicious programs from invading the operating system. Its other functions include making Chrome start faster, internal web pages load faster, and reduce RAM consumption.

Windows Latest reported that Google started to develop a technology called PartitionAlloc last year and plans to introduce this technology to Windows, Android, Linux and other operating systems soon.

A latest Chromium project commit shows that PartitionAlloc – Everywhere has now been pushed to the Beta version of Windows and Android to be enabled by default. But the Linux version still has some problems. The scheduled progress of the Linux version is unknown.

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Another commit pointed out that PartitionAlloc’s tests on the Android platform showed that this technology can improve memory consumption, performance and stability in most GPU process environments. As for the actual improvement effect on Windows 10 and Android, its effect is still unclear.

The Microsoft Edge team using the Chromium project is also trying to reduce browser resource usage. Last year, Windows 10 2004 added a feature called SegmentHeap. It should reduce the memory used by Win32 applications by up to 27%. The Edge 88 Beta version in December last year added support for sleeping tabs. It can reduce idle tabs using 32% of memory and 37% of CPU resources.

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