Huawei operations in 2020 basically meet expectations

Huawei and smartphone market

During Huawei’s keynote speech at the MWC Shanghai, Huawei’s rotating chairman, Hu Houkun, gave his speech. He first talked about the development status of Huawei, which is of concern to the outside world. According to him, Huawei’s operation in 2020 is stable and basically met expectations. He also claims that the company’s revenue and profits have increased slightly. Also, the company will release its official financial report on March 31.


In addition, the pandemic places new requirements on digital infrastructure. He revealed that Huawei’s network traffic increased by 50%, of which Wuhan increased by 70%. Furthermore, 85% of enterprises embraced cloud services. Currently, Huawei has a stable operation of 300+ communication networks in 170 countries.

Hu Houkun also demonstrated a number of Huawei’s innovative technologies. For example, Huawei’s river map integrates the virtual world and the real world. In the demonstration, animals such as elephants and giraffes appeared on the scene.

He also revealed the Huawei HeMap that delivers centimeter-level high-precision positioning. It also offers hundreds of millions of high-density acquisitions and 100Mbps large broadband transmission. Furthermore, it is applicable in scenarios such as virtual education, smart cultural tourism, and smart navigation. Huawei claims that “this will be a new entrance to the Internet, content and application development, and business model innovation has great potential.”

In addition, at Huawei’s southern factory, with the support of 5G, it achieved automated production. This reduces the number of workers by 80% and increased efficiency by 300%. Intelligent quality inspection shortened the inspection from 2 minutes to 6 seconds, while greatly improving the yield rate.

Huawei releases 5GtoB solution at MWC Shanghai

According to Mr. Ryan, the Huawei 5GtoB solution is a “one-stop solution that covers sales, operations, and services”. The basic aim of this technology is to create value for every “player across the industry value chain”. According to Huawei, this technology will be useful for enterprise users, operators, partners, and other players in the field.

Huawei 5GtoB solution

This new technology has four parts. They include 5GtoB Network, 5GtoB NaaS, 5GtoB App Engine, and 5GtoB Marketplace.

5GtoB Network: This is an infrastructure service. It involves the building of 5G services. It involves planning, construction, maintenance, and optimization of 5G services.

5GtoB NaaS: This section seeks to create a platform to make it easier for “enterprise users and application developers to use 5G networks”. With this technology, enterprise users can personally manipulate 5G campus networks

5GtoB App Engine: Here, operators 5G network capacity can be accessed by system integrators and app developers. This is technically an app innovation center. It also ensures that app integration is easier and the development of the 5GtoB application is more efficient. Furthermore, Huawei claims that it “serves as a bridge between 5G network capabilities and 5GtoB applications”.

5GtoB Marketplace: As the name implies, this is “an all-in-one digital supermarket on the cloud”. Here enterprise users can efficiently make purchases for any industrial 5G solution they may require.

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