Intel trolls Apple by comparing PCs and MacBooks

Intel’s YouTube channel has posted a series of short videos comparing Intel-based laptops to MacBooks. As you might guess, in all cases the comparison is not in favor of the MacBook.

For this ad, Intel hired actor Justin Long, who has previously advertised the Mac in a similar campaign for Apple. Justin Long calls himself a regular user who compares the capabilities of a PC and a MacBook.

These videos say that three monitors can be connected to an Intel-based laptop at once, and only one to a MacBook, that Intel-based mobile PCs are available in a variety of designs and colors, while MacBook buyers essentially have no choice.

It also focuses on touch screens and an additional display on some new Intel-based PCs, recalls 2-in-1 devices and notes that modern games can only be played normally on a PC.

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Intel will make chips better than Apple’s PC chips – Intel’s new CEO

Previously, we reported that Intel officially announced that its CEO, Bob Swan, will be leaving office in February this year. He will be replaced by long-time Intel staff and former CTO, Pat Gelsinger. According to recent reports, Gelsinger’s target is Apple. He wants to make sure that Intel makes chips that are better than Apple’s PC chips.

According to a local newspaper in Oregon, Intel held a company meeting with all employees yesterday and Gelsinger attended the meeting. Gelsinger told Intel employees that Intel must provide the PC ecosystem with better products than Apple produces. Of course, he didn’t explicitly refer to Apple and called it a “lifestyle company” in Cupertino.


Intel Iris Xe dedicated desktop GPU goes official

Intel is one of the biggest computer chipsets maker in the world. The company tried its luck in the smartphone segment some years ago partnering with Asus. Unfortunately, the Asus ZenFone 2 falls behind its competitors with ARM-based chips. Intel then decided to retreat and focus only on PC-related technology. However, the advent of Apple M1 shows that companies are starting to bring ARM-based chips to this segment, and now, the company will need to bring new technologies while it fights with AMD to get the users’ preference. Recently, the company is announcing a new product and it isn’t a new Intel CPU, but a dedicated desktop GPU dubbed Intel Iris Xe.

Intel first announced its discrete GPU for small and medium businesses back at CES 2020. One year has passed and the desktop version is finally shipping. Unfortunately, it isn’t ready for regular consumers. Instead, the company is shipping the new GPUs to manufacturers to put in pre-built systems. So you were dreaming with an Intel-branded GPU on your domestic computer, you can’t get one right now. The new GPU, as the company states, came when Intel and its partners saw the opportunity to better serve the high-volume, value-desktop market with improved graphics, display, and media acceleration capabilities.

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