Apple A14x will debut on new iPads, It’s based on Apple M1 chipset

Apple A14x

Apple is gearing up to unveil its new iPad models and this isn’t a secret. We’ve been hearing multiple rumors about the new slates. The most prominent ones mention the debut of mini LED display technology, while others mention a new powerful chipset. Today, we got further evidence that Apple is really bringing a powerful chipset on the newer iPad family. It’s not an entirely new SoC, it will be based on the existing Apple M1 chipset that is present in the latest MacBook Laptops and Mac mini desktop. The M1 is the first ARM-based chipset for Mac computers and has been breaking records in terms of performance and power efficiency. Now, Apple is preparing a new variant dubbed Apple A14x for iPads.

The Apple A14x will bring a new level of performance for the iPad series

The rumors about the new Apple A14x chip gained substance as 9to5Mac reports about evidence found in the fifth iOS 14.5 beta. The SoC’s GPU is mentioned as 13G in the beta which follows Apple’s usual chip codename scheme. Moreover, the beta deep-dive revealed the codenames for four new iPad models: J517, J518, J522, and J523.

Interestingly, the evidence found in iOS 14.5 suggests an imminent launch for the new iPad Pro series. After all, if the devices were planned to arrive later this year, then the company would wait until iOS 15 to add support for the new chip. Moreover, the company didn’t release a new build of Xcode beta since March 2, 2021. This is something that the company does when it’s preparing new hardware that needs to remain secret until the official announcement.

iPad Pro

The new chipset can bring a MacBook-like performance for the iPad series. Moreover, it should allow users to perform some tasks that they weren’t capable of on an iPad. After all, Apple is working to ensure a cross-compatibility between iOS/iPadOS and macOS applications since the introduction of its ARM-based chips. The new slates will also be really powerful for playing games.

iPad Pro with Thunderbold port, iPad mini 6 with dual-punch hole display

As far as the design is concerned, the company is expected to make some refreshments in the iPad Pro. Moreover, there are even rumors about a new iPad mini with a dual-punch hole display. Getting back to the Pro models, recent rumors suggest a Thunderbolt port. It will bring extra speed connectivity with peripherals like monitors and hard drives. Of course, this still needs to be confirmed.

We expect more details to keep popping out as rumors suggest a release in April.

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