New gen of LIECTROUX robotic cleaners discounted


Robotic cleaners from the LIECTROUX brand have already quite a firm position in the market and managed to reach a very good reputation level. And the new generation of their models is already out and will be enjoying quite a nice discount event in the coming days. Starting from March 29th you will be able to get the ZK901 and WS-1080 models for the lowest price in history on Aliexpress. And because both of them are really state of the art robotic cleaners, it’s a really good idea to just grab them. Your house cleaning chores will immediately get easier.


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Cutting edge robotic cleaner

LIECTROUX ZK901 is the new flagship robotic cleaner model lidar scanning, SLAM algorhitm and now even visual mapping of your house and partitioning the map for flexible customization. Planning the cleaning regimes has really never been easier or more thorough. It will also take care of the mopping with its 450ml electric control water tank. And the super strong 4000Pa suction is really class leading. Just like the Nidec motor from Japan, 5000 mAh battery with LG chip or the advanced smart home controls including Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. Another benefit is the fantastic 3 year warranty from the manufacturer. And in just few days it will be up for grabs for only $295.12.

Something for your clean windows too

And there will also be yet another cleaning magician on sale. LIECTROUX WS-1080 is a quiet robot window vacuum cleaner with very advanced features. Including intelligent path planning, smart memory function, anti-falling motion sensing system or various cleaning modes. It can be fully automatic, so the window cleaning will be really a breeze. And with the one button controls it’s even suitable for those not really technically well-versed. But most of the users will of course rather take full control of the featuring using the app. The special price starting on March 29th will be set at just $188.50. So make sure not to miss it.

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