MIJIA Robot Vacuum Cleaner Pro goes official with 3D ToF sensor

MIJIA Cleaner

Xiaomi’s March 29 and March 30 events introduced a bunch of new products under the company’s most appealing segments. We saw the rise of the Mi 11 Ultra, Mi 11 Pro, and Mi 11 Lite and the return of the Mix series in the form of a foldable phone dubbed Mi Mix fold. The company also revealed a new logo and visual identity and has officially confirmed it is entering the market of electric cars in a near future. Finally, Xiaomi revealed new products for its smart home segment in China. The first product unveiled under its MIJIA lineup was the MIJIA Fresh Air Air Conditioner Premium Edition. In addition to this product, the brand is also introducing a new high-tier MIJIA Robot Vacuum Cleaner Pro. It brings a 3D ToF sensor which is innovative in this segment.

The MIJIA Robot Vacuum cleaner stands as one of Xiaomi’s top-selling smart home products both in China and overseas. The product has attracted rave reviews such that the original manufacturer was able to launch its own brand and it’s performing quite well. During the Mi Mix Fold launch conference, Xiaomi disclosed its new MIJIA Robot Vacuum Cleaner Pro. The device’s Pro name stands with a set of interesting features and a price tag of CNY 2,999 ($456).

MIJIA Robot Vacuum Cleaner Pro specifications

The MIJIA Robot Vacuum Cleaner Pro comes as the brand’s strongest robot vacuum cleaner yet. To attain this title, it comes with several high-end software features and in the same way high-end hardware. The vacuum cleaner comes with multi-dimensional binocular recognition and obstacle avoidance. The device also comes with an LDS laser navigation system in a 2-in-1 dust box that handles the sweeping and mopping functions.

The robot vacuum supports AI autonomous learning which makes it become smarter as it is used more frequently. It also features a binocular multi-dimensional recognition system. It can automatically avoid cables, slippers, table legs, and carpets. You also get support for AI scene recognition. The vacuum cleaner will also formulate different water output and sweeping schemes based on the different floor types in order to ensure it is cleaned efficiently.

Furthermore, we have here the industry’s first AIoT flagship dual processor. It allows the MIJIA Robot Vacuum Cleaner Pro to be faster to build a whole house map and intelligently plan routes. One of the most notable improvements is that this Pro model can intelligently identify rooms. For instance, if it recognizes the bed, it will then automatically determine that it is a bedroom.

In terms of performance, the Pro model is equipped with a motor capable of 4000Pa output. It can pick up both large and small particles. Moreover, it has enough endurance thanks to a huge 5,2000mAh battery under the hood. It can clean up a large apartment of up to 250 square meters.

The robot vacuum will be on pre-sale in China with an early bird price of 2,699 ($410). This is the kind of device that can reach other markets where Xiaomi has a solid presence.

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