Samsung shutting down its Cloud services but in batches: here’s everything you need to know

Back in August 2020, Samsung announced that it will shut down its Samsung Cloud service. With a growing relationship with Microsoft, the chaebol decided to replace its own cloud with OneDrive. During the announcement, the company confirmed that it will give its users until April 2021 to migrate the data over to OneDrive. Well, that’s where things get a bit confusing as the South Korean giant is doing things in batches or groups so to say.

For some, the last day for Cloud-OneDrive migration is today while for others, it’s not!

As mentioned earlier, Samsung is doing things a bit differently. Instead of just simply giving the deadline for all users across the world, the company is dividing the countries into two groups – group 1 and group 2. For each group, there are different deadlines for different aspects.

First up, it’s worth noting that Samsung is not completely shutting its Cloud service down. It’s only terminating the sync feature with Gallery and My Files along with Premium Storage. With that said, you would still be able to backup or restore your data along with sync from apps like Contacts, Calendar, Notes, and more.

If the company is disabling sync with Gallery and MyFiles, then what’s the alternative? Well, that’s where Microsoft OneDrive integration comes into play. Before the mentioned deadline, you can go ahead and migrate all your current data to OneDrive. To do that, all you need to do is open either Gallery or MyFiles and look for the More option and then select Cloud Sync. Alternatively, you might also be able to find the option inside the Samsung Cloud app.

Stages of Samsung Cloud Termination

Samsung Cloud

Coming to the timeline, there are three different stages in this termination of Samsung Cloud services. As mentioned earlier, there are two different groups depending on the country as well. During the initial stage, you can migrate your data to Microsoft OneDrive. For group 1, the users will have until March 31 while the users in the other group will have until May 31.

Once stage 1 is over, Samsung will not allow the user to migrate the data but you would still be able to download your stored data to a device or PC. Again, group 1 users have until June 30 while group 2 users have until August 31. After stage 2, all your data will be deleted and you will not be able to access them. The final stage for Group 1 will commence from July 1 while for group 2, the date is set at September 1.

To know more about which group you fall into, you can check out the official link.



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