TikTok becomes a new channel for corporate recruitment and career advice


According to recent reports, many job seekers are now looking for employment opportunities and get career advice on TikTok. In addition, companies also began to recruit through TikTok. On TikTok’s part, it hopes to help more users learn new knowledge and gain new skills on the platform.


A 23-year-old, Leah Sorto, started using TikTok when looking for a job last year. The creators she cares about have provided a lot of help for her job search. Sorto learned a number of practical skills, such as using Canva and other graphic design tools to create resumes, mock interview exercises, etc.

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Some brands are already recruiting on TikTok

According to TikTok, more companies are also beginning to recruit through its app. Emerging social platform models such as short videos and hashtag trends have created new channels for corporate recruitment. Last year, HBO, a well-known American television network, received 300 applications for summer internships through the #HBOMaxsummerintern tag campaign.

Clothing brand, Hollister, is recruiting social media positions through cooperation with TikTok. Candidates need to use the #HCoHireMe tag to post videos. They use their inspiration and talents to give Hollister clothing new vitality and life through funny videos, pictures, or extremely creative video transition techniques. Hollister hires outstanding social media operators based on these works posted by job applicants.

Contra, an emerging freelance work platform, said that 80%-90% of Gen Z users of the platform come from its social platform accounts such as TikTok. Nowadays, people not only learn about the hottest dance trends on TikTok. They are also trying to use this app for something really positive. People are beginning to find jobs and get career advice on t they also start to find jobs and get career advice on TikTok.

For a long time, this app has been a strictly social environment. The activities of its users have basically been socializing and having fun. This is exactly why the app is more popular amongst teenagers. Even these making money on TikTok are basically doing so by entertaining others. However, things are beginning to get a bit corporate.

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Obviously, TikTok will not allow its app to lose the original focus. However, it will create a friendly avenue for corporate users to feel comfortable. This app is currently one of the most downloaded apps in the world. The app has over 600 million monthly active users.

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