Google Chrome Canary preview version adds a new feature

Google Chrome Canary preview version

The preview version of Google Chrome browser Canary recently added a new feature. A global media control tool has been added to the upper right corner of the toolbar. Users can directly control web videos in the tool. Furthermore, the update also brings support for operations such as dragging the volume.

Google Chrome Canary preview version

As can be seen from the image, this tool can control the playback, pause, forward, and rewind of the video. No doubt, this will make it very convenient for quickly controlling the video without switching tabs, and improving the operation efficiency.

According to reports, this tool will be available for all versions of Canary browsers. Currently, only video thumbnails can be displayed, not images. After the official launch of the feature, users can get great convenience when playing some videos that focus on sound and do not need to watch the screen.

There is a demonstration that shows the compatibility of this feature with YouTube Web pages. It is not clear whether the tool supports more websites.

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Google Chrome Canary will support reopening closed web pages in groups

A few days ago, users found the latest version of the Google Chrome Canary Beta browser. The report shows that the browser comes with a new feature. When a user views a tab and closes it, he can reopen it in the form of packets after some time.

If the feature is active, it works for every scenario. There are some web pages that are in groups before the user closes the browser. The user can still view these web pages in groups when viewing the history.

After the activation of this feature, users will get a more tidy browser history. They can also easily reopen tabs that were recently closed. To quickly reopen a group of tabs, the user needs to click the shortcut key “Ctrl+Shift+T”Previously, using shortcut keys, you could only open a single closed tab.

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Google Chrome browser has launched a tab grouping function in 2020, which automatically groups the same type of tabs into a group according to colors. The new features provided by the Canary beta version are expected to be pushed to the official version of the Chrome browser soon. However, there is no specific timeline for the official release of this feature. 

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