Huawei discloses a patent for “Lithium-ion battery


A recent report shows that Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. recently published a patent for “a hard carbon anode material, lithium-ion battery, and its preparation method and application”. This patent comes with the publication number, CN112645300A.


The patent abstract shows that the invention discloses a hard carbon anode material. It also includes a lithium-ion battery and a preparation method/application thereof. The hard carbon anode material prepared by the invention is a typical amorphous carbon with a high pyrolysis yield. The lithium-ion battery prepared as an anode material has a high first reversible capacity, high first coulombic efficiency, stable properties, and consistent batches.

The preparation method includes the following steps:

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  • The carbon source precursor powder and additives undergo cross-linking reaction to obtain a modified carbon source precursor. The additives include cross-linking agents, modifiers, and dispersion aids
  • After the modified carbon source precursor is sequentially heat-treated, cooled, and mixed with a lithium-rich agent, a modified hard carbon precursor is prepared
  • The modified hard carbon precursor is vacuum carbonized to obtain the hard carbon negative electrode material.

Unfortunately, this is the only information regarding this battery that is available for now. You will agree with us that many users do not have an interest in the preparation of the device. However, we will like to hear about the workability of this battery. Does it bring anything new? Will this battery offer better performance relative to pre-existing batteries? Will it withstand harsher conditions and still remain intact? These are information that many users will like to know.

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We will keep a tab on the development of this hard carbon anode material lithium-ion battery. Furthermore, if there is more information regarding this battery, you will be the first to know.

Huawei Inside Cars now hitting the market

According to a recent report, smart cars with Huawei’s components are now gradually hitting the market. The “Huawei Inside” smart car are products in which Huawei cooperates with car companies to produce. As of now, some of these cars are already in mass production. Some of these cars can also achieve automatic driving without intervention in densely-vehicle urban areas.

Huawei’s 18th Global Analyst Conference had a lot of official information on Huawei’s businesses. In addition, the smart car solution business is the most popular topic at the conference. This is because it is one of Huawei’s key investment industries in recent years.

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