iPhone 14 to come with an exclusive Sony 48MP main camera

If everything follows Apple’s regular practice, the company should release the iPhone 13 series this year and iPhone 14 series next year. According to a recent report, from popular Apple analyst, Kuo Ming-Chi, the company will make significant changes to its 2022 iPhones. There will be lens changes as well as changes in the supply chain of suppliers such as Largan. He also forecasts the upcoming iPhone camera specifications.

iPhone 14

Kuo Ming-Chi predicts that the 2022 iPhone (iPhone 14) will have 4 models. It will include the 6.7-inch and 6.1-inch high-end models, and the lower 6.7-inch and 6.1-inch versions.

The high-end 6.7-inch model and the wide-angle camera of the 6.1-inch iPhone will be significantly upgraded to 48MP (1/1.3″). This means that the ASP of the image sensor (CIS), lens, and CCM will significantly improve.

Kuo Ming-Chi expects that this iPhone change will drive more high-end Android phones to adopt outsole CIS. In addition, he also believes that this specification upgrade will significantly improve camera performance. Furthermore, it will promote AR/MR technology with Apple to provide a better AR/MR experience.

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Compared with the iPhone 12, he believes that the CIS, lens, and CCM ASP of the new 48MP camera will increase significantly by approximately 90–110%, 50–70%, and 50–70%, respectively. The current 48MP suppliers with Apple are Sony (CIS), Largan (lens), and CCM (LG Innotek).

Due to the U.S. ban on Huawei last year, the revenue to Largan is not so high anymore. However. the negative impact of the Huawei ban on Largan will probably end in Q3 2021 if the forecasts so far are correct.

Kuo Ming-Chi’s top 5 forecasts for the iPhone 14

According to Kuo Ming-Chi here are the top 5 trends that will come with the iPhone 14

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(1) The Face ID Tx lens will discard glass, it will come with plastic instead.

(2) The 2022 iPhones (iPhone 14) will come with a new 48MP camera. This will lead to a significant increase in lens ASP.

(3) The use of 48MP cameras in the new 2022 iPhone will force more Android models to adopt large-area/outsole CIS. It will also drive high-end lens specification upgrades, ASPs, and shipments.

(4) The 8P lens will benefit from the improvement in yield and the decrease in cost. He also expects the shipments to increase significantly starting from 2022. Furthermore, Kuo Ming-Chi expects that Samsung high-end phones will start using 8P lenses in 2022.

(5) In 2023 (iPhone 15 tentative), Apple will adopt the periscope telephoto lens. The company will also use an under-screen Face ID, and the lens ASP will be significantly improved.

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