Smartphone scratch remover invented

The owner of the JerryRigEverything channel, Zach Nilsson, is known for arranging tests for the durability of smartphones, and also loves to study their “insides”. Among his most recent victims is the Lenovo Legion 2 Pro, which he was able to fold almost in half. But the Youtuber devoted his last video to a completely different occupation. He took up removing scratches from smartphone displays.

Smartphone scratch remover invented

True, he did not do it himself, but with the help of a special installation from the Rewa company. The device is not suitable for home use, because it costs $3465. It will find its application in repair shops, where it will be necessary to “polish” the screen.

For the experiment and test, two iPhones were selected, where the first was the iPhone 11 Pro and the protective glass for the screen was scratched with a stick with a hardness level of 6 and 7 on the Mohs scale. Then the phone was placed in a special container, the gaps in which were closed with silicone to prevent moisture from getting inside. After solidification, the container was sent to the installation and its screen was cleaned by an impressive brush. In this case, a solution of cerium oxide and water was fed to the brush.

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After a few minutes of cleaning, the iPhone 11 Pro was removed and checked. And I must say that he impressed me. The front surface sparkled with gloss and was free from scratches. True, the oleophobic coating completely disappeared from the surface, which had to be applied again.

For the iPhone XR, they put on a tougher test. Initially, the screen was scratched using a stick with a hardness of 8 and 9 on the Mohs scale. Then he had to go through a procedure similar to that of the iPhone 11 Pro. Given the deeper “wounds”, it was decided to grind the smartphone for half an hour. But even this did not lead to an ideal result. Small scratches disappeared, but the deeper ones could not be “erased”.

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