Facebook follows Clubhouse’s efforts in social audio


According to reports, an internal source reveals that Facebook plans to release a series of new “social audio” products. This includes a product similar to Clubhouse Voice Social Platform. The social media giant will also develop another product in conjunction with Spotify. Furthermore, it is planning on developing a Podcast discovery and dissemination tool. However, not all products will be available in the near future.


Facebook’s upcoming products

  • At the start of the pandemic, there was a strong need for video conferencing platforms. Facebook launched a video conferencing product called Rooms a year ago. However, the company is now planning to release a pure voice version of Rooms.
  • Facebook is also preparing to launch a product similar to Clubhouse. This product will allow people to join different groups and interact with speakers on the virtual stage.
  • Facebook users can now post text, pictures, and video messages on Newsfeed. The company is also preparing to launch a similar voice message feature.
  • Spotify has been investing heavily in podcasting in the past few years. Facebook will release a podcast discovery product that connects with the service this time. It is unclear whether Facebook has other plans besides tagging podcast content and providing users with access to Spotify. 

According to reports, these products may not be available before the end of spring this year. In fact, the beta version will not be available before then.

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Facebook’s CEO has always loved Clubhouse operations

In any case, these new product release plans show that Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, firmly believes that its users are ready to use video and voice as an important way to connect with each other. In fact, he is not the only tech giant executive who is optimistic about this concept recently: Twitter is ready to launch Spaces, a product similar to Clubhouse. Apple may also launch a new podcast subscription product at the new product launch event on Tuesday at the earliest.

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Zuckerberg has clearly expressed his interest in Clubhouse. This voice social service was released at the beginning of the pandemic and experienced rapid growth last year. Zuckerberg used this service many times, and once appeared with Spotify CEO, Daniel Ek. At the same time, Clubhouse’s valuation has also been growing rapidly recently. Just a few months ago, after completing a financing of $1 billion, it recently announced a new round of financing with a valuation of $4 billion.

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