TikTok plans to set up a European transparency center


TikTok has been under fire over the past few months especially as a potential ban from the U.S. looms. However, everything seems to be calm since the new government in the U.S took over. However, the company will still make serious attempts to avoid a similar situation in other regions. According to a recent report, the Chinese short video app will set up a transparency and accountability center in Europe. The aim of this center will be to show European researchers and policymakers how it reviews content, recommends videos, and processes data.


This transparency and accountability center will initially only support virtual visits. A physical facility will be set up in Ireland later and will be open next year. TikTok has more than 100 million users in Europe. Due to the new coronavirus pandemic, more young people are at home, prompting TikTok’s popularity to skyrocket.

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TikTok’s European transparency center is a step in the right direction

Cormac Keenan, head of TikTok’s Trust and Security Department, said in a statement: “We recognize that we have a responsibility to win the trust of the community and the general public”. Just last week, TikTok was at the hub of a child privacy lawsuit in London. However, the company claims that the allegations lack any conclusive evidence.

In February of this year, EU consumer rights groups submitted multiple complaints about TikTok to 15 EU member states. The complaints claim that TikTok is violating EU consumer protection laws. They also claim that the app fails to protect children from hidden advertisements and inappropriate content.

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In 2020, TikTok opened a similar transparency center in the United States. The company said that so far, more than 70 experts and policymakers have visited its transparency center in a virtual form, where they can learn about TikTok’s operating details and ask questions about its security practices.

These centers will go a long way in avoiding some of these unnecessary lawsuits. Considering the number of active users that the app currently has, it is only normal for these complaints to roll in.

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TikTok is now a channel for corporate recruitment

According to recent reports, many job seekers are now looking for employment opportunities and get career advice on TikTok. In addition, companies also began to recruit through this social app. On its part, the app hopes to help more users learn new knowledge and gain new skills on the platform.

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