Google Fuchsia powered Nest Hub surfaces on the web!

Google Nest Hub Fuchsia
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If you haven’t heard the name Fuchsia ever, then you might have been living under the rock. Google has been working on its new open-source operating system dubbed Fuchsia for quite some time now. We’ve been hearing about the software for around 5 years now. The software is claimed to be a potential replacement for Android by the tech community. Well, the operating system has now been making rounds on the internet once again. This time we’re looking at Google Nest Hub powered by Fuchsia OS.

Google Nest Hub with Fuchsia OS appears on Bluetooth SIG!

The good folks over at 9to5Google managed to spot Google Nest Hub running Fuchsia OS on the Bluetooth SIG database. This is not the first time we’re heading about hardware running the operating system. The search engine giant has reportedly been testing the software on multiple devices. It includes Google Pixelbook, Nest Hub, and Nest Hub Max. Well, one of them has now appeared on the regulatory body.

Nest Hub Fuchsia 1.0

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The listing mentions the software version number as Fuchsia 1.0. If you’re confused, then this is the 2018 version of the original smart display dubbed Home Hub initially. The listing also mentions Fuchsia’s Bluetooth documentation as the ‘Product Website’. The key thing to note here is the fact that the listing mentions ‘Fuchsia 1.0’ instead of the usual Cast platform.

With that said, the listing suggests that Google is indeed testing its operating system on various hardware. In no way indicates that the software is arriving for your Nest Hub. With that said, you can not try out the software on your Google Nest Hub. The retail units have security measures disabling the use of unsigned software. For you to try out the new software, Google would have to put an official build.

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The Nest Hub, that has appeared on the listing, is most likely a modified version that Google must have provided to the developers.

It’s still a long way to go!

While finding Fuchsia on Nest Hub is quite interesting and might indicate the arrival of the operating system, we still expect the software to be long away. The software is in development for around 5 years and considering the current speed, we should not expect to see software going public anytime soon. Last year, we saw Google adding support for Snapdragon 835 chipset to its software. This means that the company is also testing the software on smartphones. Last month, we saw a report claiming that the first developer preview will arrive soon. Well, let’s see what happens to the software further down the road.


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