Google to pay a $100 million fine in Italy for market dominance

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Google is one of the largest internet service providers worldwide. Due to its wide outreach and huge businesses, it has a plethora of court litigation to deal with. One of the major issues that Google has to handle is anti-monopoly cases. There are several reports from different parts of the world claiming that Google is using its dominant market position to suppress other smaller companies. The Italian anti-monopoly agency announced that it has imposed a 100 million euros ($121 million) fine on Google.

Google Incognito Mode collect users data

According to the Italian anti-monopoly agency, it is fining Google for abusing its dominant market position. Specifically, the agency claims that Google’s Android OS and its App Store abused its dominant position. Furthermore, the agency also requires Google to provide Enel X’s application for electric car charging-related services on Android Auto.

This is not the only fine that Google will have to deal with. On December 10 last year, French data privacy regulator CNIL stated it imposed a fine of 100 million euros ($121 million) on Google, a subsidiary of Alphabet because its cookie web tracking function violated relevant regulations.

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With internet giants, all is not always as it seems

In addition to the monopoly issues, Google also has to deal with user data handling issues. A few months ago, there were reports that it was snooping on user information. According to reports, its Chrome browser still has access to a large amount of data even in the “incognito mode”. This defeats the whole idea of the “incognito mode” which is to prevent the company from collecting user data. Now, the search giant will have to face prosecution for this action after its failed attempt to block its prosecution. 
Alphabet, the parent company of Google tried to block the case from proceeding. However, a federal Judge dismissed its application. According to users, Chrome still collects their data even in “incognito mode”. This is a violation of the privacy agreement that comes with this mode.

Google will stop tracking users through Cookies

Recently, there has been an annoying alert by multiple websites to accept cookies before having access. A recent announcement from Google shows that this will stop soon. The company announced that it will stop tracking users as they scroll the web. The company has been doing this for years using cookies. Google also promises that it will not develop an alternative for cookies. This is good news for many people but it does not stop the internet giant from using first-party information. This info is collected straight from the users when they visit sites and services that it controls.

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