Google will move part of YouTube infrastructure to its own cloud service

It became known that Google is working on transferring part of the YouTube service infrastructure to its cloud platform. Writes about this CNBC with reference to the words of the head of Google Cloud Platform Thomas Kurian.

Despite the fact that Google has its own cloud platform, many of the company’s key services, such as the search engine and YouTube, still use separate infrastructure. Now it became known about the work of Google on the partial transfer of its video service to the cloud. This is done to increase the company’s share in the growing cloud computing market, as well as to reduce its dependence on advertising revenues.

“Part of evolving the cloud is having our own services use it more and more, and they are,” Thomas Kurian, CEO of Google Cloud, told CNBC in an interview last month. “Parts of YouTube are moving to Google Cloud.”

The decision to partially move YouTube to the cloud will help Google grow revenue in this segment over time. Enterprise customers of the company will be more willing to agree to use the Cloud Platform, seeing that Google uses the cloud service to handle their mission-critical workloads. In the first quarter of this year, about 58% of Google’s parent Alphabet revenue came from the Google Search and Other category, which includes the online advertising business. During the same period, the Cloud Platform cloud service brought the company only 7% of revenue, but this area grew faster in the quarter.

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Google will empower digital stores to sell products via search engine, maps and YouTube

Google announced recently that it is expanding the ability of digital stores to sell goods through its services. Companies will now be able to sell products directly through a search engine, a map service, and YouTube. This is reported on the developer’s blog.

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Developers are expanding their collaboration with e-commerce platforms so that as many stores as possible can access their services. Google announced a partnership with Shopify last week. The company is now expanding partnerships with Square, WooCommerce and Shop Pay.

Google’s new tools will allow businesses to sell products directly from Google Maps; while availability and seller ratings will be posted in the Shopping tab. The IT giant will also add new features to its image search page, which has historically been deprived of e-commerce. In addition, the developers are already testing a service to add new purchase functions to YouTube. Presumably, this is how the company is struggling with Amazon’s dominance in online commerce.

Bryan Wiener, chief executive of e-commerce analyst firm Profitero; told Bloomberg that Google will lose if Amazon becomes the main e-commerce store. In his opinion, the company has the advantage of helping its current corporate clients; who are already paying for promotion, find their customers.

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