URIKAR AT1 review: The best massage gun with integrated AI chip

The Breakdown

As you will see, when we talk about Urikar AT1 we do it about a device in which quality is imposed to offer the most effective and pleasant massages you can find. Every single detail has been implemented with the aim of shaping a unique massage gun that can be yours right now.

In order to deeply stimulate your muscles before or after a workout, the massage gun is an ideal ally. An excellent product to help you recover effectively after a good workout at home or outdoors. More and more people are using massage guns. The advantages of these devices are multiple, for example they make it possible to prevent cramps, reduce muscle pain, activate muscles before going to train or accelerate a rehabilitation process after injury. If you wanted to invest in this type of device, know that the Urikar AT1 currently available and it is one of the best solutions out there.

The Urikar AT1 offers 3600 percussions per minute, 8 speed levels and a force of 30 kg. The main advantage of this device is the presence of AI. Thanks to the automatic mode, it will advise you on the place you want to massage and preconfigure the massage gun. In addition, the device automatically recognizes each massage head. This will allow you to view the areas to be massaged directly on the screen of the device, but above all to have preconfigured settings for each different use.

Urikar officially established in Colorado, USA in 2015. In 2019, Urikar produced the world’s first AI-powered massage which highlights a user-oriented smart dashboard and a massage speed that adapts to movement. Urikar achieved annual sales surpassing 1 billion only five years after the enterprise’s inception. In an effort to cultivate healthier, manageable habits in conjunction with minimizing muscle pains, Urikar remains up-to-date with the most current technological advancements.

Key Features

  • The first AI-powered smart massage gun with massage head recognition
  • Infrared human body induction with self-adaptive massage speed
  • NFC-powered deep-tissue massage
  • 8-speed levels
  • Flashing breathing light makes it look very technological
  • Smart display with massage speeds, massage duration time, battery level, the massage head currently in use.
  • Works smoothly with operation noise as low as 49dB
  • 2600mAh battery allows it to last up to 10 hours
  • 6 interchangable massage heads
  • 65W brushless motor, penetrating up to 16mm into deep muscles


The Urikar AT1 massage gun brings health to your muscles

Percussion guns, also known as massage guns, can relieve pain and/or muscle tension through vibrations. One of the latest models is the Urikar AT1 which, unlike a common percussion gun, also adds the advantages of artificial intelligence to the massage to improve the user experience and obtain more immediate benefits. It is now available for purchase, and below you can take a look at its technical characteristics to get a more precise idea.

Urikar AT1 has a chip that allows it to immediately recognize the massage head as soon as you insert it, providing complete instructions on the small touch LCD screen for an optimal massage (where, at what speed and for how long and etc). In addition, the infrared sensor ensures intelligent adaptation of the percussion speed according to the distance between the device and the part of the body, greatly extending the battery life.

Powered by a professional-grade 65W brushless motor using patented QuietPower 2.0 technology, the AT1 offers approximately 30kg of force, 16mm amplitude and speeds of up to 3600rpm. Thanks to six differently shaped silicone massage heads and the ergonomic quadrangular handle, the percussion gun can be applied to small and large muscle groups, such as quadriceps, buttocks and adductors, stimulating circulation and accelerating post-workout recovery. Urikar AT1 has a 2600 mAh rechargeable lithium battery, for 10 hours of continuous use per single charge and then for weeks with an application of 15 minutes per day.

Compared to its competitors, AT1 is not only more effective but also quieter, thanks to the graphene coating that reduces the coefficient of friction and therefore noise by up to 30%. It is also small and light (weighs only 1.2Kg), so you can put it into your bag without difficulty and used at any time.

Urikar AT1: A personal percussion massager with AI

To perform an effective work, you must first understand that not all parts of the body need the same care and how the muscles are located, that is why the AT1 has a chip with AI and infrared to locate the part of the body where it has been placed and what is the massage to be performed.

Once the area is monitored, the motor with QuietPower 2.0 technology performs its work with an intensity that can reach 3,600 percussions per minute with an amplitude of 16 millimeters. It is calculated that it reaches 80% more depth than the massagers that have been used as a general rule.

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All the features that we have listed are within reach of the user thanks to the LCD screen that incorporates Urikar AT1. In it you can read the information and configure aspects such as the intensity of the massage, the time it will last, the area, etc.

From then on, the massage will be a relaxing activity for the muscles and the brain, something in which special effort has been put by Urikar when coating the gun with graphene to reduce the impact and noise by 30% compared to the competition. This quiet operation coupled with the lightness of the massage gun make the AT1 one of the most comfortable and enjoyable models that can be found.

Urikar AT1 is a device that you can use at home, but also after training wherever you are or take with you on vacation or work trips. The muscles never rest and in some cases the discomfort that they have continues at all times, that is why it has a design to go with you whenever you want.

Urikar AT1 VS Competitors

Among the key feature that makes AT1 stand out is the noise level. AT1 can greatly reduce the coefficient of friction and provide impressively high performance while producing minimal noise. It has reduced the overall for more than 30% than competitors. Also, AT1 is small and lightweight, weighing only 1.2kg, you can put it into your bag and take it anywhere.

This massage gun is suitable for everyone, whether you’re an athlete constantly dealing with muscle pains and soreness or a regular person struggling with “text neck”, or you want to relieve your own tension at home, it is definitely your best choice. The ease of use, flexibility and simplicity of changing intensity and descriptive massage heads make AT1 a 5-star product in every way.

How to Properly Use the Massage Gun

  1. Find the pain spots (buffing with a lower gear).
  2. After the 1st step, do not press the pain spot hardly. Hold the massage gun in a suspended position, then hit the pain spot for about one minute.
  3. After you have adjusted to the speed, increase the gear or change smaller heads to increase relaxation intensity. Further relax if needed.
  4. After full relaxation, hit on the desired muscle for 5 to 10 minutes.

Availability and price 

So, the URIKAR AT1 is available for purchase through the company’s official site, where it enjoys a promotional discount for its recent launch. Its usual price is $ 269.99 but you can get it for only $229.99 on Amazon.

As you can see, when we talk about Urikar AT1 we do it about a device in which quality is in place to offer the most effective and pleasant massages you can find. Every single detail is here with the aim of shaping a unique massage gun that can be yours right now.

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