Tim Cook dislikes initiatives to force Apple to open iPhone to third-party apps

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Apple CEO Tim Cook has opposed the Digital Markets Act proposed by the European Commission. He believes that the requirements of the European authorities are not in the interests of users. Writes about this CNBC.

In 2021, the European Commission proposed to pass two laws to regulate the work of IT giants. The DSA (Digital Services Act) will focus on the online advertising industry, while the DMA aims to make platforms more open to third-party developers. Cook supported the first document, noting the need to combat disinformation.

On the contrary, the head of Apple did not agree with the terms of DMA. If effective, the law will oblige the company to allow iPhone owners to install applications from third-party sources on their smartphones. Cook believes that such actions will threaten the security of the device and data privacy. As an argument, he pointed to the increase in the number of malicious software on Android.

In addition to discussing the laws, the journalists asked Cook about new Apple products. The head of the company declined to comment on rumors about the development of an electric car, saying that “they should always have a couple of trump cards up their sleeve . ” However, he notes that the company is developing many products that have not entered the market.

“We try to cope with setbacks within the company so as not to involve our customers in them. This is part of life. If you don’t fail, then you’re not trying new enough”, commented Cook.

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Tim Cook

Apple CEO says 47 times more malware has been developed for Android than for iOS

In an online interview given at the Viva Tech conference, Apple CEO Tim Cook said that tens of times more malicious software is created for Android than for his company’s mobile OS – iOS. The businessman shared his views on the privacy policy and other relevant projects.

Cook spoke about the impact of the pandemic on Apple’s business. He clarified that he was proud that the company was involved in the fight against the pandemic by distributing face masks and respirators, as well as releasing the Exposure Notification API for application developers that saved “thousands” of lives. The head of Apple devoted most of his speech to the privacy of user data: “We focus on ensuring privacy and consider it as a basic human right. A fundamental human right. And we’ve been focusing on privacy for decades. Steve stated that privacy in plain language is what people subscribe to and the reason why they give permissions. And these permissions must be asked over and over again. We have always tried to live according to these principles. “

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