Sony PS5 start is way better than PS4 – Jim Ryan

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PlayStation 5 has achieved unparalleled success in sales. However, there are some differences in the early game lineup of the console. In an interview with Axios, PlayStation Studio boss, Jim Ryan, seemed confident that the early game lineup on Sony PS5 is better than PS4.

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Jim Ryan said: “Yes, PS4’s game output in the life cycle is very good. However, most of these games are in the second half of the cycle. This time, we have made a conscious effort to improve this. So far, what you see shows that we have indeed made progress. In just a few months after the launch of the Sony PS5, we have launched incredible games. In addition, there are more games in the pipeline. Also, the developers are just beginning to take advantage of PS5 technology. I can’t wait to see what PlayStation Studios and our third-party partners have created for PS5. If “Spider-Man: Miles Morales”, “Death Return” and Games such as “Ricky and Ding Dong: Separation” are games that appeared in the first six months of PS5. Imagine what we will see in the second or third year”.

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In the interview, Ryan seemed to indirectly talk about their competitor Microsoft’s recent spending spree. He claims that successful development is a matter of creative freedom, rather than “spending money”. He said: “cultivating creative talents is not just about investing money, it is as simple as that. You also have to give them the freedom to create, let them take risks, and come up with new ideas. Just look at Sucker Punch’s “The Ghost of Tsushima”. That’s not the game we think they are going to do, but we are not too rigid or corporate with talent. We want them to use our hardware as their creative palette”.

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It is worth mentioning that Sony recently stated that it is preparing to launch an important system update for PS5 later this year, and is now looking for users to try out upcoming features. The long-awaited PS5 M.2 solid-state drive slot may be activated by then, or the game console will finally get a variable refresh rate and 1440p support.

The Sony PS5  comes with AMD custom APU, 825GB custom high-speed SSD, and supports 4K 120Hz video output. According to Sony, the packaging box of this product is completely recyclable. For the sake of environmental protection, the company makes more use of paper instead of plastic. 

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