Microsoft to determine Webcam requirements for Windows 11 compatibility

Windows 11

Windows 11 is here and the update isn’t actually granted for every device running Windows 10 in the market. Rather than going with a route that will ensure a smooth upgrade for all Windows 10 laptops, Microsoft is applying some minimum hardware requirements that laptop manufacturers will have to meet. The big problem for certain users will be with the TPM 2.0 requirement. Meanwhile, manufacturers will have to pay attention to certain aspects of their hardware. The new report comes from XDA-Developers, which states that starting 2023 all-new laptops that run Windows 11 be compulsorily required to feature a webcam. However, a simple webcam isn’t enough. It needs to comply with certain quality requirements.

Webcams are quite common among laptops, but still, Microsoft states that starting 2023 all laptops reaching the market with Windows 11 will need to have a front-facing webcam. This webcam should offer at least HD resolution, and should also offer auto white balance and auto exposure adjustments. Such features have become increasingly commonplace due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic necessity strong remote work setups and even for home-school. Due to the demand, the general quality of webcams is improving as video conferencing platforms are more and more common.

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Windows 11

Microsoft wants to tightly control the quality of webcams and its video conferencing services on Windows 11

The move certainly comes from Microsoft which wants to make the overall default camera standards on Windows laptops better. It will help the company to offer better overall video conferencing services through Microsoft Teams. This app is built into Windows 11 which also has Skype as a pre-installed program. Microsoft suffers the same problem as Google with Android – a huge fragmentation. It’s hard for the company to control small elements such as the quality of webcams and video conferencing. Starting in 2023 the company will give a bold step to tightly control the overall quality of video conferencing services that Windows PCs will be capable of.

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Worth noting that as far as conventional desktop PCs go, they will not need to comply with this requirement. So even All-in-One PC makers may not be forced to pack in webcams, something that most of them are doing anyway. The policy also does not apply to older generations’ laptops such as the ones already existent. This certainly is good as there won’t be “webcam barriers” for certain old laptops to meet Windows 11. Of course, they will still need to comply with other hardware requirements imposed by Microsoft.

Windows 11 will reach PCs later this year, while the first developer previews will reach insiders in the next week.

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