Crypto fever began to decline and video cards began to fall in price

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The rise in the value of bitcoin provoked the rise of almost all cryptocurrencies. And along with the rise in the cost of cryptocurrencies, video cards began to rapidly disappear from the sale, and their prices grew by leaps and bounds. Video cards were swept off the shelves of stores, there were many who decided to make money on mining bitcoins.

But as soon as the value of cryptocurrencies rolls back, we see a decline in prices for video cards. They began to fall in price in Europe a week ago, and this trend only continues. Video cards dropped another 30-40% in price.

So, a week ago, they asked for 1000 euros for the GeForce RTX 3060 Ti, but now it is offered at a price of 720 euros. The RTX 3060 also dropped in price, but not so impressively. It can be bought for 600 euros, whereas a week ago it cost 40 euros more. The GeForce RTX 3070 also fell in price, whose cost dropped to 900-1000 euros against 1500 euros a week ago.

Analysts do not undertake to predict what the prices for video cards will be in the future. Cryptocurrency will grow – the cost of video cards will also grow. Much will depend on the exchange rate of digital currencies in the market. Do not forget that the largest manufacturers have taken on the task of limiting the ability to mine on conventional video cards intended for gamers. This should alienate miners from playing cards.

The goal is to divide the markets, and to make consumption conscious. Mining cards will become a separate topic, and most of them will not “overlap” with video cards for gamers. In the long term, this should also stabilize the market situation.

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Bitcoin took off after Musk said it could resume use

In the past few days, the Bitcoin exchange rate has risen in price to $ 40,000 – after the head of Tesla Elon Musk rejected criticism related to its influence on the cryptocurrency market. He stated that the company has sold part of Bitcoin, but may return to using it.

The course of the world’s most famous cryptocurrency has long and firmly been tied to Musk’s statements. In February, the company acquired Bitcoin for $ 1.5 billion, and Elon Musk announced the sale of electric vehicles for bitcoins. Later, he also stated that the cryptocurrency would not be accepted due to the businessman’s concern about its impact on the environment due to the high energy consumption in the process of its “production” and circulation. Musk promised to return to consideration of possible transactions after receiving confirmation of the environmental safety of energy use by miners.

After this announcement, the “coin” soared in price by more than 9% to $ 39,838.92. Bitcoin is up 33% this year, but fell after the restriction of cryptocurrencies in China; and, last but not least, contradictory and imprudent statements by Musk himself. By the way, Tesla shares have fallen in price by about 30% since the purchase of Bitcoin.

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