Huawei is recruiting a large number of chip talents globally

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According to recent reports, Huawei is on a mission seeking to hire chip engineers. The focus of the recruitment is not just in China but globally. The company is looking at engineers in Munich, Istanbul, and Canadian software developers of artificial intelligence researchers. In addition, hundreds of doctoral students in mainland China and overseas work for it. 

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Judging from the vacancies that Huawei has opened on various talent recruitment platforms, it is completely aimed at fields such as artificial intelligence algorithms, autonomous driving, software, and computing infrastructure.

Furthermore, Huawei is also actively deploying in many areas of the chip industry. As of June this year, Nikkei has analyzed data from mainland Chinese companies and found that Huawei has invested in another 10 chip-related companies. Huawei declined to comment when interviewed by Nikkei on its investment strategy.

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Huawei has its hands on different technologies

Since the ban on Huawei by the U.S., the company has been spreading its tentacles to other businesses. For those who do not know, the U.S. technically only affects Huawei’s smartphone business. However, Huawei is a multinational company that deals in multiple technologies. For instance, the company has been making components for smart cars. These technologies have nothing to do with smartphones. In fact, since the ban, Huawei has had more interest in other businesses like smart vehicle technology.

The company is also massively developing its operating system and it has millions of users as of now. Just a week after the official announcement of HarmonyOS, this system had over 10 million active users. Between June 2nd and June 15th, the HarmonyOS now has over 18 million smartphone users. Of course, most of these users will be in China.

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As of now, HarmonyOS 2 upgrade partner shows that most of the users are male. Presently, 71.7% of upgrade users are male while 28.3% are female. In terms of age, 45.0% of HarmonyOS users are between 16-25 years old. In addition, 30.7% of users are 26-35 years old while 20.4% of users are 35-46 years old. This means that about 96.9% of HarmonyOS 2 users are below 46 years. In terms of specific models, the Mate 30 series is far ahead with 44.6%. This includes the Mate (30 22.5%), and Mate 30 Pro (22.1%). The P40 series accounts for 30.6%, including P40 Pro (17.9%), P40 (12.7%). We also have the Mate 40 Pro with 15.7%. These are the smartphone models that have most adopted the HarmonyOS 2 system.

According to the company, by the end of this year, over 300 million devices will run on HarmonyOS. Out of this number, 100 million will not be its own device.

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