Nintedo Switch OLED goes official, specs, price and release date revealed

Nintendo Switch OLED

We’ve been hearing rumors and leaks pointing to the release of the new Nintendo Switch variant for months now. The device’s launch was rumored for June, but apparently, Nintendo had to hold it for a couple more weeks. Today, July 6, Nintendo is finally delivering the Nintendo Switch Pro that we’ve been waiting for. However, it’s not quite what we were expecting. Even the marketing name is different, the device carries the Nintendo Switch OLED moniker due to its obvious upgrade on display technology. Without further ado, let’s dive into the specs of this new variant.

Nintendo Switch OLED specs and features

The big and major difference of the Nintendo Switch OLED is on its display. The device gets a larger 7-inch screen with OLED technology, which is larger and better than the common variant’s 6.2-inch LCD screen. For those unaware, OLED does not rely on a backlight to display images. Instead, it displays images using light emitted by each pixel. So you get perfect inky blacks and higher contrast levels. It is more power-efficient since blackened pixels are turned-off pixels.

Unfortunately, the new variant does not seem to include much advanced hardware. Also, the audio experience will not be much better since the rumored Dolby Atmos support does not seem to be present. Apparently, the speakers on the unit have merely been upgrades for a better experience when you’re playing in handheld or tabletop mode.

Nintendo Switch OLED

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Another new addition to the console is the new LAN port. This comes as a nice upgrade that will bring relief for those playing online games on Switch. The current model only has Wi-Fi support which isn’t the most reliable way sometimes. So if you’re playing on the tabletop you can easily plug a planned cable to get a more stable connection.

The Nintendo Switch OLED also improves over the original in internal storage. The Nintendo Switch OLED features 64 GB of storage compared to the 32 GB on the original Switch model. Of course, it still offers a microSD card slot. We’re kinda disappointed to not see an upgrade straight to 128 GB. After all, 128 GB isn’t so premium anymore.

The new console’s dock also receives a subtle upgrade. It comes with rounded edges for a more modern-looking design. It comes in an off-white, which matches the new white color scheme of the Nintendo Switch OLED. However, it is also available in the classic Neon Blue/Red color combo with a black dock.

No 4K for high-resolution loves

One of the major disappointments with the new variant is that it does not come with 4K resolution support. The new variant will only output at 1080p, just like the regular Switch. We have been waiting for a new chip with DLSS support to scale the 720p resolution to 4K, but the console apparently is just a variant with a larger OLED screen.

Apparently, we won’t see big upgrades in hardware until a Switch 2 comes out. This is a major disappointment for those who were expecting significant hardware upgrades.

Pricing and Availability

The Nintendo Switch OLED will go available on October 8, 2021. The device will cost $349.99. So, it is $50 more expensive than the regular variant which costs around $299.99. The Nintendo Switch Lite is the cheaper variant with a $199.99 price tag. The OLED variant may replace the standard variant with the time, but that is yet to be confirmed.

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