OPPO releases its first 6G white paper

6G technology

Today, Liu Bo, President of Oppo China, announced that Oppo has officially released its first 6G white paper – “6G Network Architecture Empowered by AI Cube”. This is one of the industry’s systematic explanations of how artificial intelligence (AI) can empower the 6G system architecture. It also proposes a more detailed solution for the design of the next-generation communication network architecture.

Oppo 6G White Paper

At present, Oppo has established a pre-research team for 6G. The team is carrying out early research work on 6G business and technical requirements, key technologies, system characteristics, etc. It has also established an AI simulation training platform for related technical ideas.

According to Liu Bo, 6G networks will reshape the way people interact with AI and make AI truly an infrastructure. In early 2019, Oppo released a 5G white paper. According to the paper, 5G will create a smart, organic, and sustainable digital ecosystem. With this system, people and things will coexist harmoniously and benefit each other in the future. Now that the 5G era has arrived, with the continuous advancement of technology, 6G will not be too far away from us.

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Top 3 6G network development plans in China

China already has its 6G development plans and possible application scenarios. A recent special 5G/6G meeting of industry insiders in China revealed the countries top three development plans for the next-generation network.

  • One is to conduct in-depth research on application scenarios. These researches will also be on the basis of existing 5G as well as technological evolution and economic and social development trends. In addition, the research will concentrate on proposals for 6G vision requirements and application scenarios.
  • The second is to focus on promoting key technological innovation breakthroughs. Focusing on potential 6G technologies such as terahertz communication, integration of communication and perception, and integration of communication and artificial intelligence. To actively plan, deploy, and build a solid foundation, and strive to make major breakthroughs in key core technology areas.
  • The third is to actively promote international exchanges and cooperation.
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China is clearly ahead in the 5G network even though some folks refuse to accept this. The Chinese are ahead in 5G because when they were working, others were probably discussing how expensive 5G development is. Now, the next-generation netowrk development is on the way and the Chinese are at it again. If the U.S. and Europe want to be ahead, they must start active (not on paper only) 6G research and development now. The time to start is now.

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