Huawei provides disaster relief as Henan flood death toll rises

Chinese manufacturing giant, Huawei, recently announced a heartwarming after-sales care for customers in Henan Province. The Henan flood has been persistent for days as the rain continues to pour. According to the announcement, any equipment failure due to water or liquid ingress will get a discount. The customer will get a 50% discount on the price of spare parts during repairs. Furthermore, the company is offering a 90-day official warranty after repairs. Also, labor costs are waived for out-of-warranty repairs.

Henan flood

In addition, users can enter the store to rest at any time to take shelter from the rain. While in the store, Huawei will provide free charging, Wi-Fi, warm water, and small snacks. Of course, restrictions include the need to go to the store to enjoy. This offer is available for all Huawei electronics that are not older than July 1, 2018 (date of purchase). This means that if you purchase a 2016 device in August 2018, you will be eligible for this discount. According to reports, Huawei has more than 80 authorized service centers in Henan.

Earlier, other mobile phone manufacturers also announced similar activities. Xiaomi donated 50 million yuan ($7.7 million), 50% off water equipment and materials, free labor, and postponed the guarantee period. Oppo also donated 50 million yuan ($7.7 million), and the replacement parts for equipment destroyed by water or liquid will enjoy a 20% discount.

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Heavy rain rocks Henan – death toll rises to 33

On July 20, Zhengzhou and many other places in Henan suffered heavy rains. The Central Meteorological Observatory said that after repeated verification by colleagues, the rainfall in Zhengzhou reached 201.9 millimeters in 16 to 17 hours, breaking the historical extreme. Currently, Zhengzhou City has upgraded its flood control emergency response to level I.

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Several videos from Henan show that due to flooding, some people had to climb trees and car roofs to wait for rescue.

Why is this heavy rain in Henan so strong? So lasting? Meteorological experts claim that there are three main reasons:

One is that although the Typhoon is still a thousand kilometers away, it remotely controls the heavy rain in Henan. Guided by the Typhoon and the subtropical high-pressure air currents, a large amount of water vapor is continuously transported from the sea to the land by the easterly wind, and it gathers into rain in Henan.

The second reason is the terrain. After the easterly airflow hits Taihang Mountain and Funiu Mountain in Henan, it converges and uplifts over the mountain. This means that the other side of these mountains (Henan) will receive all the water.

The third is the stable circulation of the atmosphere, leading to long rainfall duration. At present, only after the typhoon gets closer, the circulation situation adjusts and the source of water vapor is cut off, and the rain in Henan can stop.

According to a Bloomberg report, the death toll at Henan is currently 33. From the video above, we can see that staying on top of cars is not even safe.

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