Huawei Smart Screen V75 Super / V98 Officially Launched

Today, Huawei promised to launch a number of flagship products and it did. Apart from the much-discussed Huawei P50 series smartphones, the company also uncovered a new smart screen – Huawei Smart Screen V 75 Super. It costs 24,999 yuan ($3872).

At present, Huawei Smart Screen has launched three series of X, V, and S. They are correspond to “top technology”, “cinema audio and video”, and “young trend”, respectively.

In this sense, the Huawei Smart Screen V 75 Super, as the Super version of the second-generation V series, is a brand-new product that is “more than smart”. It runs HarmonyOS 2, which has a rich smart experience. Also, this models comes with “Super” features that are different from the V series standard version. Say, it support Super image quality due to Huawei Honghu SuperMiniLED technology and Super sound quality of a 20-unit audio system jointly designed with Devialet.

Huawei Smart Screen V75 Super Display Parameters

As the name implies, this smart screen has a 75-inch screen. All borders are narrowed. Also, the integrated middle frame with elegant rounded corners ensures a seamless connection between the sides and the back. The bottom edge uses a thin stainless steel patch (0.15mm). The ice blade base is made of high-end zinc alloy. So it’s strong and light.

The Huawei Smart Screen V 75 Super uses Huawei’s self-developed Honghu SuperMiniLED precision matrix backlight solution. The MiniLED chip area (0.075mm2) is only 1/120 of the traditional LED lamp bead area (9mm2). Under a 75-inch screen, there are up to 46080 MiniLED chips.

The backlight has 2880 physical partitions. Combined with the Clear Light Control PRO+ technology, it can bring up to tens of millions of high contrast, and supports up to 3000nit HDR peak brightness. So the display presents vivid and bright details, and more truly restores natural colors.

At the same time, Huawei applied “Zero” OD technology for the first time. This technology is fully developed by Huawei. It includes CSP light mixing structure technology, self-developed optical film solution, and self-developed system-level Demura calibration solution.

Traditional HDR content starts at 1000nit. The Huawei Smart Screen V75 Super can reach an ultra-high HDR peak brightness of 3000 nits. Thus, it can restore HDR content more realistically and achieve a display effect closer to the real world. The increase in brightness makes the colors more beautiful and moving.

FYI, 3000nit HDR peak brightness refers to the peak brightness of 10% of the window area when HDR source is on.

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Design And Special Features

Sound quality is also one of the main selling points of the new smart screen. The Huawei Smart Screen V75 Super adopts the acoustic design of a 20-unit sound system. The latter includes 4 units for the center channel, 6 units for the left and right channels, 4 units for the surround and sky channels, and 6 sound units for the subwoofer.

Thanks to the HarmonyOS distributed technology, the Huawei Smart Screen V75 Super can be combined with HUAWEI Sound / HUAWEI Sound X to form a new distributed audio system. Once done, it will bring a more immersive multi-channel surround sound experience.

Moreover, the collaboration between HarmonyOS and a 24MP AI camera can realize a multi-party communication, AI fitness, AI somatosensory games, real-world sports and AI Kids functions, and distributed cross-screen technology. This allows users to enjoy distributed sports, education, games, security, office, and screen projection experiences at home.

The distributed projection screen of the Huawei Smart Screen V75 Super is unique in the industry. When mirroring the screen on a mobile phone, the large-screen camera, microphone, and speaker can be virtualized as mobile peripherals.

Huawei’s smart screen is “more than just a TV” because it crosses the boundaries of traditional smart TVs. Also, it builds a convenient and innovative smart home life experience.

Huawei Smart Screen V98 Features

Apart from the aforementioned model, Huawei also launched its largest screen product. It costs 29999 yuan ($4646).

In terms of picture quality, the Huawei Smart Screen V98 uses a 120Hz high-brush 4K AG anti-glare screen. With the blessing of Huawei’s fast and smooth technology, it can compensate the low frame rate video intelligent dynamic interpolation to 120 frames.

In addition, the Huawei Smart Screen V98 also uses a 192-partition direct-down matrix partition backlight system. Through Clear Holding Pro technology, the brightness of each frame can be adjusted to improve the contrast of the picture, and it also supports DCI-P3 wide color gamut.

We should also note that the Huawei Smart Screen V98 can be upgraded in the future to support the establishment of a 5.1 home theater system with four new-generation HUAWEI Sound X, bringing an immersive audio-visual feast.

Based on Huawei’s powerful AI recognition capabilities, the AI ​​fitness function of the Huawei Smart Screen V98 has achieved a significant increase in bone joints from single to maximum three persons, from two-dimensional to maximum three-dimensional, and 15 nodes to a maximum of 30 nodes.

Now, it realizes more application scenarios such as three-person fitness, somatosensory games, etc. In yoga, fitness, stretching and other courses, it can accurately identify the subtle movements of the head, abdomen, wrist, ankle joint and other parts, and improve the accuracy of guidance.

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