New Zoom feature prevents students from distracting each other


Although the privacy of the Zoom service remains complex and ambiguous, many universities and schools still have a license to use the software, and private institutions have always been able to use it without restrictions. Now the service has introduced an important feature called Focus, which makes the educational process more streamlined.

According to the developers, now students will not be able to see and distract each other in the virtual classroom, while the teacher will always see what each of them is doing during the online lesson. In fact, a simpler and more convenient version of the Webinar mode is provided.

For example, a teacher can turn on the Focus mode at the time of presenting information, and then return the audience to the general discussion. In addition, access to the Webinar mode costs money, and the Focus mode, according to the latest data, will be available for free accounts.

New Zoom feature prevents students from distracting each other during online classes

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The function was introduced at the beginning of the new school year, as the threat of COVID-19 remains very serious. It is possible that for many virtual classrooms will remain the only way to get an education.

Although the teacher and the videos he is showing will occupy the main part of the screen, participants will be able to see their own videos, as well as videos and screen recordings of other participants – with the permission of the “moderator” of the training process. They will also be able to see the names of other participants and emoji reactions in response to certain events.

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We expect that such functionality will be useful not only in schools and universities; but also, for example, during corporate presentations. This will limit the participants’ ability to distract from viewing slides and other useful information. We know that moderators can enable or disable the Focus mode for entire groups or individual users.

Once you and your child have selected a learning space; you can help them feel comfortable interacting in their virtual classroom. We’ve also got a new feature, Focus Mode; that your child’s teacher might introduce in class to help students stay attentive. Focus Mode allows educators to see their students’ videos, and students to see their teachers without seeing other class participants. With this feature, teachers can supervise their class; but students won’t be distracted by their peers’ video feeds or feel self-conscious about turning on their own camera.

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