Xiaomi has been number one in India for 4 years now

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Xiaomi is taking off. One of the most significant and recent achievements is the first place in the world table of ranks of the smartphone market at the end of June. Even despite the explosive growth, Xiaomi will not be able to maintain its leadership for a long time, Samsung will win back its positions and by the end of the third quarter will become the number one company in the world. But there is one market where Xiaomi has been holding the lead for several years now and it is unlikely that someone will overthrow it in the near future.

We’re talking about India, where the company has been the largest smartphone maker and has sold the most devices for four years now. The head of the mobile division of the company, Manu Kumar Jain, shared this achievement with a wide audience. He boasted that the company has been the largest brand in the market for 16 consecutive quarters. In his message, he referred to research by IDC analysts.

And Xiaomi continues to grow. So, according to the results of the second quarter of this year, its share in India was 29.2%, which means that almost every third smartphone sold was produced by Xiaomi or its sub-brands. In annual terms, the growth was 84%.

So that as many people as possible know about the next success of Xiaomi, the company intends to reward those who massively share this tweet. They have a chance to get Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6, Xiaomi Mi 11X; and a brand new Mi Notebook for free when they reach 500, 1000 and 4000 retweets for this ad. How many units of gadgets are planned to be distributed is not reported.

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Xiaomi MIUI problems

Recently, the patience of Xiaomi fans has run out; and they have ceased to tolerate what the company has frankly done with MIUI. An avalanche of complaints reached the company; and it was forced to apologize for the wave of problems that exist in the proprietary shell. Against the backdrop of dissatisfaction with the stability of MIUI, another scandal flares up in China. Only this time not everything is so simple and the company is right in its own way.

It turned out that a number of Mi Fan members were kicked out of the beta testing team for internal firmware testing; including those who had been part of the team for several years. They lost the right to participate in testing new versions of MIUI.

In addition, Fans were outraged by this fact; and they began bombarding the head of the company, Lei Jun, with their complaints on his Weibo page. At the moment, he has not reacted in any way to the situation. True, Xiaomi fans can hardly be called innocently expelled.

Also, the company notified them that they were excluded from the beta testing list. The reason is that they did not provide Xiaomi with their report on errors or bugs found in the current beta version of MIUI, for which they were disqualified. In fact, the company punished them for inaction and lack of feedback.


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