Users of Samsung smartphones will be able to expand the RAM for free

One of the features of Chinese smartphones is the technology of expanding the amount of RAM due to virtual memory. The virtual RAM is a technique that enables the system to convert storage memory to volatile memory. Samsung now introduces its function RAM Plus as an update of one of its smartphones, the Galaxy A52S. Surely it will gradually reach other devices, especially those of the mid-range and entry-level.

Getting a phone to sell well requires that the device be of quality, have a recognizable brand and that it has certain elements capable of making it stand out. Lots of cameras, lots of megapixels, very fast loading … and lots of RAM, this is a great selling point. But what if the mobile went on the market with a small RAM? Well, there is a function that can alleviate the lack: virtual RAM. It is reaching various brands, including Samsung.

Users of Samsung smartphones will be able to expand the RAM for free

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Virtual RAM memory expands volatile system storage by software; which is used to streamline processes and reduce startup time when we start applications. With this change, the mobile can keep more processes open; which expands the capabilities of the background and the loading of apps with a certain weight, such as games. In exchange for losing speed.

Brands such as Xiaomi or Realme, Oppo or Vivo already include virtual RAM options, this function will surely end up reaching most devices. It is even possible that Google includes it as a user setting within Android. The system allows it at the developer level.

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As they discovered in SamMobile, Samsung has created its own virtual RAM for Galaxy devices called RAM Plus, this volatile memory-expanding feature has just arrived on the Samsung Galaxy A52s from India in the form of an update. Thanks to it, it is possible to expand the 6 GB of RAM on the phone with another 4 GB provided from storage memory. It is a way to enhance the capabilities of a device, always with the trade-off of speed.

Virtual RAM allows the system to have greater capacities when running applications in the background or keeping them loaded in memory; but all these processes will always be much slower than if real RAM were used. In addition, the constant reads and writes that RAM suffers could reduce the life of the storage converted into virtual RAM, this is another of the drawbacks.

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  1. Jonah White
    September 10, 2021

    I cynically presume that the title of this article is intentionally misleading for the sake of drawing clicks. If so, shame on the editor.

    It goes without saying "Virtual RAM" software is hardly novel and vastly underperforms a physical RAM upgrade, which is what I (and probably most unsuspecting readers) anticipated, based on the headline.

  2. Ernest Lee
    September 11, 2021

    Question on the virtual memory if you have a Samsung A1 with small amount of ram as well as only 32 gigs of rom or hard drive whatever you call it can you use an SD card to supplement the rom as you are using some rom to supplement the ram????

  3. Matchosan
    September 11, 2021

    Samsung makes Korean phones. Get your countries straight before posting. How do you get paid for this?

  4. kuluvas
    September 11, 2021

    I love how these idiots are taking away my SD card then taking 4 gigs more of storage away to make a phone work slower….it would have been far smarter to keep SD cards and use them for storage then u can slow down the phone with VRAM. Samsung is now pathetic and it makes me sad.
    Are that many people really stupid enough to store their pics online(cloud)?
    It's stupid, irresponsible and very short sighted.
    I carry at least 100gigs of movies and about 86gigs of music and that's not counting the pix I take and get from my kids. I think it may be time to dump smart phones for good because now they're becoming more of a Hassel than a useful tool.
    I'm thinking about going back to my 120gig ipod classic and a flip phone, I'm sick of paying$700bto $1200 for a phone that has no storage space for me….. Lol I do love my Galaxy watch 4 classic tho! 😁

  5. Tyler Eckert
    September 11, 2021

    Not really an argument. SD has nothing to do with performance.

  6. kuluvas
    September 11, 2021

    No one said it did. Without an SD card your storage space is limited even more by them using it to slow the phone by utilizing it for VRAM.
    Maybe read a bit slower, you'll understand.

  7. Danny Zapata
    September 12, 2021

    its just expanding your page file.. real-physical-ram cant be compensated, unless you want to ruin your internal storage.

  8. Cԋαι Tιɾαɱιʂυ
    September 16, 2021

    So tired of the inconsistencies with everything from Android, Apple, Microsoft, Intel .. about ready to just drop all of it, should have done it a while back but these things become tiresome nothing is universal like how many rings in a shower curtain. Everything's so specific to sell parts, cables, accessories etc.. sick of it all. So sorry I bought this phone it will be the last one I pay for. I fear anything that's given free so that should make this my last phone ever.