Google launches a 5TB online disk subscription service

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According to recent reports, Google recently launched a new subscription service for Google One, providing users with a 5TB capacity network disk. This capacity is between the previous 2TB and 10TB, making it easy for users to choose a more suitable capacity. In terms of price, the monthly subscription price of a 5TB network disk is $24.99 and an annual fee of $249.99. By purchasing this service, users can also get a 10% rebate, which can be used in the Google Store.


In addition, purchasing this service can also get a number of additional membership benefits, and support to add family accounts to use. The current subscription price of Google Google One service 2TB is $10 per month, and the monthly price of the top 10TB version is $50. If compared with other brands, Microsoft’s 6TB online storage service also supports family members. The monthly subscription price is $9.99 and $99 per year. In contrast, the price of Google’s service is much more expensive.

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Google Translate App will adopt Material You design language

Google Android 12 will be officially launched later this year, using the new Material You design language. According to a recent report, Google has already confirmed that native apps such as clocks, calculators, and phones will undergo major interface changes and re-produce them using this design language.

At present, there is a leak of the interface of the new Google Translate App with Material You design language. This application uses a warm yellow background colour, and the buttons have rounded corners with larger arcs. In dark mode, the colour scheme of this app is also very unique. It uses bright yellow, black, brown, and other colours. The appearance and design of the Google Translate Apple blend with the Google Android 12 system.

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From a functional point of view, this App supports scanning text recognition and translation, bilingual dialogue translation, etc. The overall operation is consistent with the previous version of the App. The version number of this application is 6.23, and some functions are currently imperfect. The application has not yet been officially released, only screenshots exposed online. According to reports, even if the leaked apk file is installed, the installer can not use the application.

Looking at the leaks and speculations, the new Google Translate App will be official soon. As of now, there is no official launch date for this new application. Nevertheless, it may arrive probably after the official release of the Android 12 system.

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