Xiaomi plans to be the number one seriously and for a long time


The last 12 months have been significant in Xiaomi’s career. At first, it managed to become the third in the world in the smartphone market, and it managed to climb to the top, bypassing Samsung. June 2021 was truly stellar for the company, when it managed to become the number one company in the world, displacing Samsung from the pedestal. Will it be able to continue to grow steadily and bypass Samsung for a period exceeding one month?

The head of the company, Lei Jun, is confident that the company has only gained momentum and will continue to grow. He sets aside three years for Xiaomi to become the world’s number one smartphone company. He declared:

“In the hearts of Xiaomi fans, Xiaomi is a company with a dream. Thank you to all of our fans for believing in us. At our August 10th launch event, I finally had the courage to say loudly: in three years Xiaomi aims to become the No. 1 smartphone brand in the world!”

Xiaomi plans to be the number one seriously and for a long time

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Naturally, we are not talking about becoming a leader for a short time. The goal is not only to climb to the top of the smartphone market, but also to confidently hold it for a long time. Analysts believe that one of the steps towards achieving the goal was the abandonment of the Mi brand. This is an attempt to simplify the naming of devices, to more clearly rank and segment the portfolio.

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Few argue that Xiaomi’s success is now primarily based on the fall of Huawei due to US sanctions. But the issue of long-term superiority is controversial. Much will depend on Xiaomi’s success in markets outside of China. And the company should seriously think about entering the US market and repeating the success of OnePlus, which managed to negotiate with the largest cellular operators in America on the sale of its devices.

Xiaomi cannot avoid starting to seriously invest in advertising and marketing. It will have to increase the budget for advertising purposes and creating a positive image.

Do not write off the tough resistance from competitors that Xiaomi will have to overcome. It is unlikely that Samsung and Apple will stay idle and calmly watch the explosive growth of the Chinese company. Xiaomi will also need to strengthen its position in China, where Oppo, Vivo and Realme are now showing strong growth. The company will have to work hard to beat the BBK brands in the home market.

And all this will need to be done, without forgetting about a competent and balanced pricing policy, innovations and the development of new technologies, as well as improving the quality of products and software.

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  1. Maj
    September 12, 2021

    Too much of same fones with only difference in chipset so little RnD spent. Aftersales backup is pathetic like screen or battery replacement or water damage. What is difference between Xiaomi models and Redmi models??